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2008 R6 rattle problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Powers, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. hey guys I will be taking my bike back for the second time but I want to see if someone else has had this problem...
    When my bike is warm and I start it sometimes I get a violent rattle and its sort of in time with the starter motor, a metal rattle sound. I took it back to the dealer and they held it for 2 days and dismissed it as a stone in the airbox......
    Got it back today and its still there!!
    Its got less than 2k on it so there shouldn't be any rattles!!

  2. A stone in the airbox!! What outrageous garbage!!! Is this the noughties equivalent of mice in the differential, or something???

    Take it back and tell them to fix the starter pinion, or you'll hold you breath till you turn blue and someone will have to call the ambos....
  3. +1
    What a CROC !
    Typically just blew you off, take it back and DEMAND to have it looked at PROPERLY. :evil:
  4. Agree, they don't want to fix it because it's a big job, but you need to
    get it done as soon as possible to prevent further damage, and
    it will cost you bulk $$$ if not warranty. Call Yamaha Australia
    and tell the warranty manager there your story before you take
    it back to the shop.
  5. stone in the airbox = radiator hose on a VW

    take it back and blast them. you wasted enough money buying a yamahahaha, tell 'em you want it right.
  6. I would call Yamaha first. Let them know that one of their dealers is driving customers away.
  7. geeze ! 2 weeks at the bloody dealer and NOT ONE phonecall from them to let me know whats happening, I have called them numerous times and have been told that the problem has not been found bla bla bla
    So i called them today and they said the bike is in pieces and yamaha is coming to look at it as they need to take off the head !! ffs!! it has less than 2k on it!
    I wrote the director of Yamaha, Steven Cotterell, a hefty letter explaining the chain of events and sent it to him today....
    will keep you posted
    fingers crossed *cmoonn new bike!*
  8. Under 2k and needs major work done to the engine ..Dont send yamaha a letter ring and demand a new bike they can fix the old one and sell it as a X-demo or what ever crap the dealer says ...
    IMHO mate if it needs major work its most likly a Lemon make them give you a new one ..Or and extended warranty on the motor at the least..
  9. Hi,

    Just wondering have they figured out your problem yet ?

  10. sorry for letting this one go, after finally getting the bike back (almost 3 weeks in the shop), they told me they had a yamaha guy come out and dismis the "noise" as normal and said it was something to do with the cam chain tensioner changing tensions or something (i didnt really understand him) but I have a letter from the dealer/yamaha stating that the bike was checked out and that it was fine.
    As soon as I got it back I took it to a proper mechanic (LLoyd Penn in Artarmon) for a second opinion, he couldnt tell what it was just by looking at it but said it should be fine and unless it was a permanent sound (as in every time it started) I shouldnt worry about it.
    I havent met any other R6 owners with this sound so im not sure what to call it....but i have just lost my licence for 9 months and have to sell the bike :(:(
  11. You'd have been better off if you had sold it :(.
  12. I have a 2008 R6 and i have done only 1800 on it and i have the same rattle..... although its fairly quiet but its there.
    I might have to call yamaha too to check it out... can i ask who was your dealer? cause if you got it off the same place as me it would seem they are trying to flog off bad R6's
  13. I got it from alto at chatswood. NEVER get your bike serviced there they screwed me around for a month trying to work out that rattle then when I got the bike home a part dropped out from the engine.....good to hear I'm not alone. When do u get the rattle?
  14. Doesn't sound too good mate :shock:

    I got mine from BikeBiz from parra.
    I spoke to them the other day, the slight rattle is a common thing in Yamma's nearly all the models have it although yours sounds to be alot worse than the standard rattle.

    Contact Yamaha and deal with them dont bother with the dealer anymore, Yamaha might get you to take it to another dealer.
    I recommed that you get your bike serviced at bikebiz as they really know their stuff with yamaha's.

    Anyway let me know how it goes.