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2008 R1 Yamaha 3000km.. worth $8.5K

Discussion in 'Sports' at netrider.net.au started by the100rub, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. Came across seller,who is selling above bike kept in the garage majority of the years and have not driven it.

    Bike is registered to date. Only first service done and oil changed in between.

    Is it worth buying ( taking risk) or making effort at $8.5K ?

    I am thinking of arranging pre purchase inspection as well.
  2. Anything of that age with such low km on the clock is deserving of close attention to ensure legitimacy. There are often tell tale signs a bike has done somewhat more than 3000km and you should be double checking. Its a popular track bike, and it wouldn't be the first tie someone removed the instruments, raced it, then replaced the instruments before selling, or they may have replaced just the instruments following an accident, or just to be sneaky. Tread very cautiously, but it could be genuine.
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  3. Thanks Tweet for the reply. I know the person who is selling, professional relation. I have not asked many questions on the bike history yet.
    I will try to find much details can.
  4. I agree with Tweet.
    If you have a keen eye, you can tell if a bike has done 3k or 30k.
    The more Kays you put on it, the more degradation will occur.
    Look at the underside mostly and the bottoms of the fairings, look at the metal surfaces, screw heads, rear suspension points etc..
    If it's a genuine 3k bike it should still look quite minty and fresh.
    You just might have found a nice piece there.
    Let us know and Please, POST some pics when you can.
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