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2008 postie bike rear brake

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by BlueR1, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    I bought this bike recently, and aside for the problem to follow, its running like a charm.

    Each time I applied the rear brake, I would feel a small knock. In the beginning, this knock would happen only the first time I would apply the brake on each ride. I guess it felt like the drum brake shoes were pushing back into position or something. This issue progressively got worse. It started happening each time I would apply the brake, and in the final stages, the knock would occur and give so much feed back through the foot pedal that it was able to kick my foot up a bit.

    The last straw was the other day. I wasn't even applying the brake. I was pulling out of a round about and straightening up when I heard a large crunch/crack (other equally unpleasant) noise.

    The end result is that the connector bar that comes from the rear brake pedal is separated from the leaver mechanism into the rear hub drum. The metal is somewhat twisted suggesting a rather violent separation.

    Any ideas what the knock might have been and how I might fix it?

    I am planning to source some parts to fix the rear brake connector mechanism. It looks simple enough

  2. Very hard to follow from the description.

    Sounds like a torsion force has sheared the lever........ Any photos?

  3. Yes I have seen that heard that happens a bit.
    The retaining bar has a split pin at the rear hub and bolts near the peg..
    The actuating rod has a split pin at the pedal and it's quite a pain to fit....and sounds like your's wasn't. And it could of been catching on something till it pushed it through it's hold.
    Axle nuts burr really easy. Clean of your axle and the thread well each time. Same goes for the sump plug.
    Get the over sized rear brake pads and use the new springs.
    And be very careful of the cone shaped spacer inside the rear sprocket hub. It likes to fall out too. And if it does you will eat your rear hub out in about three hours. And with a new sprocket bearing so forth, your up for bout a buck twenty.
    The fat spacer on the rear "far" side and the thin goes in the outside of the sprocket hub... which is on the "near side" or should one use port and starboard as a bike parks rear in like a boat ?
    Oh and check your spokes. I go through about four a week on my posite run, gutter what gutter ?
  4. Thanks for your info bretto, just had my last exam today so I am free to source parts and sort it out! If it's anything different to what you say, I'll let you know.