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2008 Ninja 250R Recall... is this why stock is not available

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by drewzor, May 10, 2008.

  1. You should have bought a hyosung...

    http://snipurl.com/286u0 [www-odi_nhtsa_dot_gov]

    Dear Kawasaki NINJA 250R Owner:
    This notice has been sent to you in accordance with requirements of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act.

    The reason for this notice:
    Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. has decided that two defects which relate to motor behicle safety exist in 2008 Ninja 250R Models (EX250J8F/L). On eligable units, when the front fork is compressed, the brake hose may move forward and come in contact with tthe edge of the front fork. This can cause damage to the vrake hose resulting in brake fluid leakage, creating the potential for a crash resulting in injury or death. Our records indicate you have purchase one of these units.

    Additionally, on some eligible units, an engine crankcase vent hole in the air cleaner case could be blocked by material left during the molding process. This could allow air pressure to build up in the engine and cause the cylinder head cover hasket to be pushed out of place and leak oil. Oil leaking from the engine during operation could drip or spray onto the rear tire creating risk of a crash, possibly resulting in injury or death.

    What Kawasaki and your dealer will do:
    Your Kawasaki dealer will correctr the front brake hose problem for you at no charge. The correction will consist of replacing the brake hose bracket. Your Kawasaki dealer will determine if your vehicle will require the air filter case repart as well. The actual repairs will take up to two hours but may take lonfer due to scheduling at the dealership and the time needed to ontain required parts.

    What you must do to ensure your safety:
    Please call your authorized Kawasaki motorcycle dealer to schedule an appointmetn and take this letter with you at the time of your appointment.

  2. All brands have recall notices from time to time so this isn't really that big a deal. Though, as a Hyosung owner and given this recall is for a supposedly "reliable" Japanese-brand bike which competes primarily with the Hyo 250, it is quite amusing :)
  3. The formal recall on the Kawasaki website includes a final paragraph

  4. could be an expensive year for kawasaki with all the reports of faulty valve buckets failing on their 07 zx6r looks like there gunna have to eventually recall them.Or risk the lives of their loyal riders!!!!!!!
  5. :LOL: Ah they would gain mucho points if they did state that :)
  6. Drewzor - You say people should've bought a Hyosung??? You twat. :roll:

    Hyosung Australia DON'T ISSUE recalls! They just have their bikes fall apart and assess each case on it's merits.

    At least Kawasaki are taking the initiative and recalling the bikes to fix first.
  7. Hey dougz my 07 zx6r has 1500k's ill do you a straight swap!!!
  8. Quite.
  9. na just trying to get a rise! well done douch
    Australia kawasaki has not recalled yet so kawa aren't taking the initiative either..

    Personally for a completely re-designed bike its not a bad effort though.
  10. Haha, a valid counterpoint, but there's a pretty big difference between:
    - 'a line MIGHT rub and MIGHT eventually wear through making one of your two brakes useless'.


    - 'the handlebars might fall off'.
  11. A line may rub and leave you with no brakes, leading to potential crash, injury and death. Oil may leak onto the back tire, leading to potential crash, injury and death. A bolt may break, leading to potential crash, injury and death.

    Sure there's a difference between losing your front breaks and losing a bolt in the triple clamp, but both can lead to injury.

    The only recalls which are not serious as those which won't lead to potential crash/injury. Typically these don't make recall anyway for that reason.
  12. Actually this is a prime example of why you should buy a Kawasaki. They have identified a design/safety issue and issued a recall. flungdung wait form them to fail, if they in warranty then they fix otherwise you're on your own Did anyone notice that the US handle bar bolt recall was a full year before they told anyone in here...
  13. I still maintain there's a difference between

    1) An issue of premature wear.

    2) The freakin' handlebars might just fall off :p
  14. A badly routed line vs too short and/or brittle bolt? Both are manufacturing issues. Admittedly the result for the second is more visually stunning but you're just as dead from failing to stop due to loss of brakes as you are from falling off if the handlebars become unstable/separate from the rest of the bike.
  15. Oh so they forgot to tell every one where they are made and assembled??

    IN KOREA!!!

    Actualy there has been recalls on some of the early Hyosung bikes... and there have been some major fixes under warranty as well...

    Almost every model of HD has had a recall (most of them get fixed b4 they arrive on the show room floor or get the "fix" at the first service).

    Suzuki GSXR1000k7 had a recall recently as well...

    Recalls are nothing... they happen all the time...

    As for the quality of Hyosung bikes... you get what you pay for... same goes for CBR125, CBF250 and the NINJA 250R...
  16. The problem is that although flungdung knew the wrong bolts had been installed they never issued the recall until quite a few failures had taken place. What hyo seem not to do is to have any global control over operations, recalls are carried out purely at a local level based on what the importer can get away with.

    Case in point is my major gripe my engine failed not once but twice with 8000kms after the warranty had expired if I'd been lucky enough to live in Europe I would had no problem at all as the local importers recalled every single 650 sold from it inception in 2004 until a new head was issued in mid 2006, what do we get here nothing. Until they can prove that they can act like a grown up company they they'l get no more of my money...

    Lots of companies have product assembled in Korea the difference is that what comes of the line with a Hyosung label on it would be rejected by the kawasaki QA people.
  17. Re: 2008 Ninja 250R Recall... is this why stock is not avail

    If that recall letter is any indication of their quality control I'd be concerned...
  18. Cite? As has been said before, "the plural of 'anecdote' is not 'data'". All we really have to go on for any brand is who bitches loudest about their problems and how popular are the forums on which they do so.

    You've been stung by your particular bike, no doubt. But once again, "the plural of anecdote is not data". If $BRAND made available to the public sales figures for each model as well as failure rates/statistics, _then_ one of us would have a point. Until such a thing happens however, all we have is individual experiences and as I said above, "who bitches loudest".
  19. Because the recall was first issued in Spain, then a couple of months later in the US and a full year later in Australia. Which means a for a full year after they had identified the problem and come up with a fix they were still shipping bikes in Australia with the faulty component fitted...
    You are not going to get those figures from any manufacturer, but from what I take as genuine conversations with the importers in the mentioned countries and the published recall notices, do you not feel that a public recall of up to 5500 motorcycles goes slightly beyond anecdote...
  20. And why did you not buy a SV650 or any other Jap bike?? Coz the Hyo was Cheep!

    Yes lots of bikes are assembled in Korea, China and Indonesia... all the jap bikes have major factories in these places... but the issue is not quality control it is design.. The Ninja was rushed into production while Hyosung was designed in Korea (mostly riped off from Suzuki)... I would have expected to see a much better bike from Kawasaki... their design is SO old it dates to 1986 GPZ250!! NO wonder the brake line designed pre 1986 rubs on farings designed in 2007!!! They should have worked it out by now...

    Hyosung is still newish to the bike game... they have been building earth moving machinery for years and the quality there has improved over the years in leaps and bounds... the same will happen with their bikes... New models new designs new factories and things will change...