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2008 Ninja 250r improved parts options

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by 01txr, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. Hi all

    Just would like to know if parts from the ninja zzr250 z2r are inter changeable with a 2008 ninja 250r.

    Looking for people who may have done the mods or have
    Knowledge of the differences.

    For starters

    Can the Forks be swapped over as the zzr are adjustable
    And run twin disk caliper.
    Is there any proven info that the later non adjustable forks and
    Single brake is better.

    I'm thinking the older would have to be better.

    Obvisiously I would need to run forks, brakes.
    Or would I be looking at triple clamps and more.

    I would have to use master cylinder from the zzr.
    Change the rear brake to suit master cylinder.
    Find a way to mount the mud guard etc.

    Not really wanting the inconvenience of fitting any internal adjuster.
    The spring adjuster would be a cheap option but I would like
    External Damper adjustment.

    Goal is to set Soft for commuting during the week. Then stiffen for weekend fun.

    Other option is to buy a bigger bike with options I would like.
    Problem is I really enjoy this bike for twisty road riding and the fuel Eco.

    Or look at other brands that offer the performance the ninja 250r has but what. I like the megeli ? But heard lots of bad about it in build quality and it does not perform as well as the 250r.
    Then there is the CBR, again it doesn't appear to be of standard
    Of the older mc22 that has 4cyl, dual brakes, etc.
    and heard it also is out performed by the ninja.

    Any Ideas or opinions guys & gals.