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2008 Netrider NRL tipping comp !

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. Its set up folks . . . join in !

    Go to www.oztips.com.au . . .
    Tipping Comp No. - 117660
    Password - storm

    jeffatav won last year . . . convincingly!, so time for payback !!

    Can we organise a NR cap or something for this years prize ????
  2. I'll sponsor the prize :)

    oh, and im in again. someone has to hold the ladder up from the bottom :LOL:
  3. i'm in again :) i'll help joel from the bottom :) am thinking jeff will be very strong again this year... at least you get out of the state of origin bet this year mate he he
  4. Nah....I have had some contact with Wendy and she'll be back :LOL: :LOL:

    Go the blues :LOL:
  5. ha ha ha... NICE!!!

    i have no qualms in saying that you'll definitely be losing that same bet again ;) :cool:
  6. Souths will win the comp this year ,no need to a tipping comp ,its a forgone conclusion.

  7. Just went to sign in and you have to register ,what the deal with the ,how much I earn and if im married . :shock: .
    Only thing ,left is my tax file number and drivers licence . :twisted:

    Never seen all this sh1t to register any where EVER.

    Am i on the right track ,did you guys join up like that and how much crap am I going to get sent. :?
  8. Yeah, Micky has it set up so he can fleece all of our accounts :LOL:
  9. I'm in - though my username's taken :cry:

    But my avatar was available :p
  10. Hey Mickey, make sure you save a pic of the current tipping ladder as it is the only time you will be on top for the year!! :LOL:
  11. Jeff !! . . . Bring It On !!!

    That deserved a Emmy Nomination also ! lol
    It has my song in it !! . . . hey Micky :p
  12. Im in ,after the 200000 questions .

    My names burt im 56 and a rocker scientist on $10,000 a year and a widower.
    Pleased to meet you. :LOL:
  13. I'm in. There's some interesting match-ups in Round 1. Some difficult choices straight up.
  14. OK time to get 'em in boys................time to start a whoopin' :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Whoops! Posted on the wrong thread! :oops:
  16. Go the Eels!
  17. Get your tips in folks !!

    Jeff !!
    I have a new bet !
    Who ever between the two of us scores higher than the other, buys a drink of the other persons choice at the following coffee meet !!

    Agree ???
  18. Agreed!!!

    I'll have a himilayan gin stilled by blind, mute monks sworn to secrecy and transported by blind yaks and carriers down from the mountain tops for added secrecy, and shipped via London by british secret agents with orders to shoot to kill in the event of piracy...................all served by an amourous topless waitress walking on her hands and balancing the drink in, well, you get my drift....................with a twist of lemon and a little umbrella :LOL: :LOL:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.