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2008 Litre Bike Review @ [url]www.motorcycle.com[/url]

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by [FLUX], May 8, 2008.

  1. Go the Hoonda! BEst thing of all is you know it's not long til a completely new Gixxer comes out and knocks it right off. We live in wonderful times.
  2. Ãmen to that brother!
  3. The one consistant thing i noticed was kawasaki have not taken out the animal feel and to me thats a big plus on a big bike :grin:
  4. I read in another site that Suzuki will release a new line of Gixxer on 2009 (600/750/1000) and that they'll all be pretty f$% powerfull (i.e. 600 =140hp estimated). All to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the GSXR brand.
    Then again I've also read about UFOs and the end of the world in the web... :LOL:
  5. I can't believe the sort of power they're putting to the ground using pump petrol. ~157 ponies at the rear wheel? Which is at least, what, about 167-175 at the crank? From a 1 litre engine? Absurd! :grin:
  6. To me, the comment about the CBR1000RR making going fast feeling almost mundane really is both the good and the bad about Honda's.

    When you're going quickly, do you really want it to be disengaging? Doesn't that just mean that you have to run so much closer to edge just to get the sensation that you're controlling the bike, rather than the bike controlling you?

    I mean, this is what really makes driving/riding vehicles fun. The sensation that you're getting the absolute most out of the bike, that you're the one calling the shots, that it's the bike that is answering to you, not the bike having a yawn and constantly querying you to do better.

    Let's face it, on a litre bike you have to go pretty fast on a public road to begin to get that sensation. See, I read the comments about the CBR1000RR and think it sounds utterly uninspiring. Around a race-track, where the differences between any of these four bikes really is quite minimal in terms of lap times, the bike that I'll enjoy the most is the one that engages me the most, one that has a bit of animal in it, not the one that allows me to go 0.2s/lap faster while making me feel like I'm inadequate.

    Just my 2c.
  7. Agree, not totally though. Let me start by saying that I do not/have not an probably will not own a litre bike. But I think that a bike can be fun/fast and friendly. I don't interpret it as being disengaging, but user friendly. I like a bike that will let me know I'm going fast, that's for sure. But does it have to be scary?? I enjoy the sense of danger a bike brings when you're rinding it fast. But too much can be overwhelming.
    I mean, if the bike makes you feel safe at 9/10th wouldn't it be easier to push it to the limit?
  8. My other reaction is just that I find the new CBR oogly. It looks kind of 'blunted' at the front. Probably not politically correct to say it, but to me it has the same blunted look that some intellectually disabled people have. It might be the best of the four, but I just can't cotton to the look.
  9. Probably... But then, if you have to push it to 9/10ths on the road to have fun, you're either about to lose your license or end up in the most spectacular accident the world's ever seen - whichever comes first.

    I understand where Flux is coming from, in the car sense anyway. I've driven some pretty fast and exotic cars, in the last few years, and they're amazing machines...

    But I still have more fun driving an old mid-engined sportscar that forces you to work hard for corner speed and tells you if you're doing something wrong. Even if it doesn't have 400 horsepower. Even if it can't corner as fast. It's still more fun, and a lot more rewarding when you drive it 'right'.
  10. Well, I'd say you'd lose your license pushing any of these bikes at 4/10th!! :LOL:
    In the car thing, I'm with you. Drove heaps of exotics myself but still in love with the one no one seems to respect... :p
  11. Wow, a www.motorcycle.com article that doesn't read like it was written by Bill and Ted.
  12. I'm not asking for "scary", but rather for "engaging". Honda's in general tend to polarise people into two camps. Those that love them because they're easy to ride quickly, and those that dislike them for exactly the same reason.

    When people say that, they're not asking for a bike that's hard to ride fast, but really they mean a bike that makes you feel like you're interacting with the bike, rather than the bike being a willing slave.

    A bit like riding horses, or relationships. It's the tussle of wills that makes it interesting and fun. If something or someone just does everything that you want, while it's "nice", it's easy to get bored with that.

    Hope that explains it better.
  13. Offtopic for a moment...

    Which iiiiiiis? Don't make me start guessing! Hyundai Excel? Honda Civic? What about the Holden Tigra? What else.. umm..

  14. What?? :shock: Since when are any of those considered "exotic"? :LOL:
    I believe most will agree it's a great car, just not supposed to be picked amongst some other I've driven. And the winner is: Honda NSX!
    I know... I know... But I REALLY like it. Something about the way that car behaves!
    Ok, there I said it. Now I'm sorry for hijacking the thread! :p

    Ps: Short list of favorite cars I've driven:
    -Honda NSX;
    -DeTomaso Pantera;
    -Porsche 911 GT3.
  15. dunno why i bothered to click the link. nothing compares to a 'blade. nothing comes close.
  16. the forgiving nature of honda's is a big selling point for me, id much rather have a bike that is not as engaging to ride all the time than filing insurance claims all the time :LOL:
  17. i disagree with flux immensely!
    if it is not engaging him enough, clearly he is not riding it to its fullest potential :!:
    if it makes riding it boring, ride harder ;)
  18. I wonder what kind of motorbike Toyota would make....
  19. all jokes aside, toyota works closely with yamaha.