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2008 ktm rc8

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Whitie, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    Picked this up last week, Its no where near as comfey as what Ive come off, but does it go....!!!! :biker:

    You'll either love it or hate it.. Im lovin it !

    The pic on the right is with the rear sub frame adjusted to its highest..


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  2. Oh wow, ain't seen one of these before! I dig it!
  3. It will grow on you whitey, you will love it even more. When in the highest setting they can get get very skatey, beware.
  4. it will spin up? or slide around under brakes ?
  5. LOVE the rc8's, nothing on the road matches it for looks, regardless of weather people love it or hate it as you said.
    How good is that V twin too!

    What bike did you come from btw?
  6. If you adjust your seat and eccentric to the highest setting as I did once you will find the following.
    1. Front end washes out easier.
    2. Your rear wheel will lift up off the road heaps easier during braking, and want to come around.
    3. Your front will lift and wobble on acceleration heaps easier.

    I am 110kgs and found the seat in the low position with eccentric about 1/2 way just right. Its not scarry dangerous but just be aware and try for yourself.
  7. Sweet ass bike! Congrats on the purchase! Big fan of the rc8's.
  8. I hate to love this bike, or love to hate it, not sure which one - wither way its got the F.U factor in spades. Have fun!
  9. 03 Z1000 and before that an 09 VFR

    I don't want the front to wash out or have it swap directions on me....!! It will be awhile before im giving it MY 100%... Ill never out ride the bike.. I have noticed the front end coming up alot easier. I sorta like it :) Thanks for the tips =D>

    Its a shame the exhaust for this thing is $3000..! Ill be watching ebay.
  10. That is a damn sexy bike you got there mate :D
  11. Nice bike, love it!!!
  12. Evil. Totally evil.