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VIC 2008 KTM Duke 690

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by krapski, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. #1 krapski, Apr 6, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2016
    Selling my well looked after and optioned up KTM Duke 690. All servicing up to date, all consumables in good shape, regretful sale, yadda yadda.

    34,6XX km

    12 months rego

    I've had it for the last 10,000 km, in which time I've toured, commuted and scratched on it. It's BY FAR the best donging around bike I've ever ridden. If you buy it, do yourself a favour and throw it at some mountain roads. Very lightweight, excellent suspension, unbelievably revvy for a single. Also looks loads better than current 690s, but I guess that's subjective.

    Selling because I don't own a car and the Duke isn't very practical as my only form of transport. It's an *okay* commuter, but I won't lie, this is far more at home going gettin' some. Perfect as a second bike or weekend toy.

    Also, I bought a Tuono because I hate my license.

    • Power Commander V, uprated airbox, dynotune and associated paperwork
    • Sato racing adjustable rearsets
    • ASV "unbreakable" shorty levers. (I haven't dropped the bike, but your results may vary. No guarantees re: breakability)
    • Healtech gear indicator
    • Tail tidy
    • Touring windshield
    • KTM remote alarm (currently not fitted)
    • Fork air speed bleeders
    • Various bling bling cosmetic parts from the previous owner
    All original parts included in sale

    Consumables / service history:
    • Full receipts and service spreadsheet from my time with the bike. Partial paperwork from previous owner
    • Valve clearances done 6 months ago. In spec
    • Pilot Powers 3 front and rear fitted 2500 km ago
    • Chain and sprockets replaced in the last 1000 km
    • New rear brake pads
    • Fully synthetic oil and all filters last changed 2500km ago
    • Lithium Ion battery
    Will also throw in enough 10W60 synthetic oil for its next change.

    • Crack in left hand mirror from when I tried to adjust it after overtightening it. Whoops.
    • Some wrinkling in the seat
    • Small scuffs here and there that tell me the previous owner may have had a 0km/h drop. They've never bothered me and c'mon, it's a motard. Character.
    Located in North Melbourne. Test rides fine with full license and deposit in hand at my discretion.

    PRICE: $6500

    Will include a roadworthy at this price. May negotiate but less likely to do your RWC legwork for you then.

    (Who knows, though, maybe you're a smooth talker)

    Call / text after business hours on 0411093153. I can arrange to be home most nights / weekends.

    _MG_5294. _MG_5295. _MG_5298. _MG_5299. _MG_5301. _MG_5304. _MG_5305. _MG_5306. _MG_5307. _MG_5309. _MG_5311. _MG_5313. _MG_5314.

  2. Price drop - $6300

    (Also, new mirrors en route via ebay for all your elbow-viewing needs)
  3. It's a shame to see this sitting in my garage. Will sell for $6K + RWC cost, if needed.
  4. Just FYI this is still for sale. Make an offer.