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2008 KTM 690 SM SuperMoto - experiences?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by lockie, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Contemplating looking at KTM 690 SM for a commuter, try and keep some k's off the R1 (11k since mid June when I got it).

    Anyone had any experiences/impressions from the KTM? Ride/reliability/etc?

    Any feedback would be appreciated
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    I haven't owned one but I owned the Aprillia motard and there is no way that you are going to save money commuting the 690, it will probably cost more per km to run as the engines don't last as long, the KTM probably won't last past 40000kms (which is pretty good compared to the Ape was).

    It will be fun though.

    Buy a scooter if you want to save money, if your ego can't handle that and you must buy a motard for commuting I would get the Yamaha WR250X (good service intervals, good on fuel, better price though not cheap). Just as fun to commute on the yamaha as the KTM as its heaps lighter and would still do 130.

    Edit: I used to commute on a sachs madass when I had the Ape motard. That was a fun bike for a short commute.
  3. yea the commute is about 30ks each way, but mostly highway so want something bigger than a 250/scooter. the LC4s in the KTMs seeeeem to get a good rap, but need to do a bit more digging. The one I'm looking at is an '08 with 11k on the clock.
  4. Ok maybe the scooter and the wr wont be best but i assumed you meant city commuting.

    Get a ride on a motard on a highway, it will tell you if you like it.....not many do.
  5. Had a friend with the 690 duke and it suffered considerable reliability issues.
  6. hmm, interesting - couldnt find much out there re. problems with the 690 lc4's, bit about the older 640's though. Ah well - I bought it on Saturday so its a bit late now haha.

    Few little things to sort on it, but its been good fun for the couple of 100 k's I've put on it so far.
  7. Good on you. I had one with over 5000km of dedicated track use and it never missed a beat. A new rear sprocket may help if you want longer legs for highway riding. It's an absolute hoot at Morgan Park if you're a track day rider.