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2008 Kawasaki Z750 $9200

Discussion in 'Archived' started by ajc_082, Nov 22, 2009.

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  1. 2008 Kawasaki Z750 $8800

    Unfortunately I have for sale my 2008 Kawasaki Z750. Its in Excellent condition, just had oil and brake fluid change less than 50km ago, has new Dunlop tyres less than 100km old not even scrubbed in.

    3 x Original Keys
    Owners Manual and Service Book
    Carbon Fibre Heel Plates
    Fender Eliminator with small indicators
    All original parts (fender, indicators and heel plates)
    Current Victorian Roadworthy Certificate on sale
    Rego til Feb 2010

    **Bike Located in Melbourne, Victoria **

    PRICE $8800 ono

    I am moving on from motorcycling so Please Genuine enquiries only and No test pilots.

    Please PM for Contact Details if Interested, Thanks

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  2. Price?

    If it was a Z1000.... i'd be tempted :)
  3. Price is in the post title. $9200 neg.
  4. **price now listed

    Thanks Evader.... Yeah price is $9200 neg
  5. Very nice looking machine. I was contemplating getting one of these beasts but I finally settled on a VFR800... So tempting though.
  6. Bike Still For Sale, As stated in thread Price is Negotiable and will consider genuine offers around the asking price.

  7. Just bough my Z750 a few months ago, these bikes are big bundles of fun, they are powerful, yet good for commuting and around the twisties. Plus they have a very distinctive look. Can never go wrong with a kwaka =p
  8. Appreciate the comments guys, Bike is still for sale and Looking forward to a new home..... all be it at a discounted price.

  9. ***price drop****

  10. Bump!!!

    Bike still for sale
  11. Re: 2008 Kawasaki Z750 $8800

    Bike Still For Sale, Now with 14 months Victorian Rego til February 2011.

    PRICE $8200ono NEED TO SELL
  12. ill definately buy this in 10 months when my restrictions are off =]

  13. Are you trying to say something about the likelihood of this selling within the next 10 months ? =P

    Have you got this listed anywhere else? I wouldn't think it would be that hard to sell. They are a very nice bike.
  14. I've seen it on bikesales. i dont see why its so why to sell this bike, its such a lovely bike
  15. might want to list the km's on the odo in the OP, and the tyre model. new tyres are useless if they're knobbies and i want to do road riding :p

    nice bike, great price, amazed this is still for sale!
  16. Thanks guys, yeah its advertised elsewhere. Sorry can't edit original post anymore. Tyres are Dunlop Qualifiers, The odometer shows 10,960km. Im moving on from Motorcycling to other things for a while, hence the sale. I would hope it sells in the next 10 months, otherwise tonee its yours but it will only have 4 months rego left by then.......

    **whoops...... wasn't my intention smee, sorry.
  17. Please do not bump your sales as its against forum rules, thank you.
  18. PRICE $8200ono NEED TO SELL
  19. Mate this is so tempting.... My favourite colour, my next choice of bike before I convinced my mate to buy one & nearly half the price of m next new bike that I'm eyeing off!!!!! :( I'll have tothink long & hard about this one :s that's probably on your favour anyway, because when I start thinking about something, it usually gets sold soon after... & like I imagine it's happned to some of you, ya sit therethinking, why didn't I just buy it?!?!? :p

    Bump for you for now anyway!!
  20. Sold sold sold sold sold sold


    mods please delete, thanks
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