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2008 Kawasaki Z1000 FOR SALE

Discussion in 'Archived' started by vpajic, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. PRICE DROP TO $7500

    Including new rear tyre with sale as well.

    Hi everyone,

    Looking to sell my 08 Black Kawasaki Z1000

    Price: $ 8,500

    Rego: Till April 2013, Plate: GO 840

    KM's: 50,000

    Bike is completely stock except for:

    -megacycle exhausts fitted
    -front braided brake lines

    -Stock exhausts will be given to the buyer as well
    -Ventura Rack also included for buyer

    The bike is in excellent condition with 95% of the kilometres coming from commuting on the Citylink freeway.

    FULL SERVICE HISTORY since purchase from Peter Stevens. Not one service has been missed. The bike starts and rides like brand new and has never given me any issues whatsoever.

    Reason for Selling: Have moved close to the city and cannot justify having a 1000cc bike to use just for commuting. Looking to either straight sell the bike or swap for a smaller capacity 125/250cc commuter friendly bike + cash.

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  2. Hey guys,

    Have this advertised elsewhere as well but I'd be happier to drop the price for a netrider and see the bike stay within the community!

    PM me if you want to make an offer / negotiate.

  3. PRICE DROP!!!!!

    New Price : $7,500

    Alright guys, it seems like if you want to sell in this slow market you've got to drop the price a fair bit. This is my last price drop and I will also include a new Rear Tyre.
  4. $6,990 on bikesales at the moment! sloooooow market :(
  5. Hmmmm, very interesting!
  6. First litre bike owners looking for a naked bike bargain...this is IT !
    Good luck mate.
  7. Cheers Nickers!

    Gonna be freshly serviced with a new front tyre as well! Its forced me to take public transport last few days while it's at the mechanic, man I hate it! 1hr and 10 minute train/tram commute vs 15-20 minute ride.....
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  8. Did you find a buyer yet? May be interested in a swap, check your PMs!
  9. Sorry mate it's sold, anyone care to tell me how to close this thread?
  10. There should be a button to close it.
  11. Out of interest, how long did it take to sell?
  12. Just under 6 months Samboss260...
  13. Damn. Talk about hard market. I'm finding the same thing.
  14. What did you end up letting it go for?
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