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2008 International Beer Awards

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jd, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. Once again the results are in on what are the best beers to be drinking.

    Trophy Winners:
    Champion Large Brewery - Matilda Bay Brewing Company

    Champion Small Brewery - Redoak Pty Ltd

    Champion Lager – Mac’s Hop Rocker, Canterbury Brewery

    Champion Ale - Monks Habit, Cock & Bull, and Mac’s Sassy Red, Mac’s Brewery

    Champion Porter - Porter, Billabong Brewing P/L

    Champion Stout - Double Chocolate Stout, Wells and Young’s Brewing Company

    Champion Reduced Alcohol Beer - Redback Mild, Matilda Bay Brewing Company

    Champion Wheat Beer - Redback Original, Matilda Bay Brewing Company

    Champion Specialty Beer - Weihenstephan Vitus, Weihenstephan Brewery

    Best New Exhibitor - Wells and Young’s Brewing Company

    Champion Packaging - Vale Ale, McLaren Vale Brewing Co.

    Best Victorian Beer - Big Red Lager, Holgate Brewhouse P/L

    Grand Champion Brewery: - Matilda Bay Brewing Company

    Or for a more detailed list:

    Winners by Class

    Large Breweries
    Packaged Lager - Mac’s Hop Rocker - Canterbury Brewery

    Draught Lager - Tooheys Extra Dry - Tooheys Pty Ltd

    Packaged Ale - Mac’s Sassy Red - Mac’s Brewery, Nelson

    Draught Ale - Monks Habit - Cock & Bull

    Packaged Stout - Double Chocolate Stout - Wells & Youngs

    Packaged Reduced Alcohol - Redback Mild - Matilda Bay Brewing Company

    Packaged Wheat Beer - Redback Original - Matilda Bay Brewing Company

    Belgian/French style Ales - Brugse Zot Blond - De Halve Maan

    Belgian Style Witbier - Mac’s Great White - Mac’s Brewery, Wellington

    Scotch Ale/Barley Wines - Alaskan Barley Wine - Alaskan Brewing and Bottling Co.

    Other - Weihenstephen Vitus - Weihenstephan Brewery

    Small Breweries
    Packaged Lager - Knappstein Enterprise Reserve Lager – Knappstein Enterprise Brewery

    Lager Draught - Black Dark Lager - Mash Brewing

    Packaged Ale - India Pelican Ale - Pelican Pub Brewery

    Draught Ale - Colonial India Pale Ale - Colonial Brewing Co.

    Packaged Porter - Porter - Billabong Brewing P/L

    Draught Porter - Colonial Porter - Colonial Brewing Co.

    Packaged Wheat Beer - Emerson’s Weissbier - Emerson’s Brewery

    Packaged Herb and Spice - Emerson’s Taieri George - Emerson’s Brewery

    Belgian/French style Draught - Rust - Feral Brewing Company

    Packaged Scotch Ale/Barleywine - Stormwatcher’s Winterfest - Pelican Pub & Brewery

    And yes Crown Lager was competing - no it didn't win any awards (didn't even come remotely close).

    Full Details here:
  2. Obligatory "HAHAHA VB doesn't win anyfink LOL".

    In other beer news, I tried Miller's CHILL [beer recipe includes salt and lime] this week. Apparently it's a mexican recipe.

    Quite refreshing. Too bubbly.
    Way too close to champagne to take it seriously as a beer, but would probably keep the girls happy and do everyone a favour on a hot day.

    Toohey's Extra Dry won an award? It's ok, but I much prefer Carleton Premium Dry's.
  3. Yep I've tried that one and it's an excellent beer for a hot, dry climate (I was in Isa at the time).
    Probably not something I'd drink here though.
  4. Redback original for the best wheat beer??!?
    Schoefferhofer FTW in that regard!

    I find miller chill to be a toned down version of barefoot radler - like sucking on a lime juice bottle
  5. I fear no beer. I'll have one of everything.
  6. Oh my boy, don't discount the Toohey's until you try the Platinum dry... takes it to a whole new level of smoooooth :grin:
    Might have to try that Chill tho :)

    JD, no entries from you this year? ;)

    I tried a couple this year at the Food and Wine fest in Moordialloc and was quite a good drop, think it may have been a matilda bay one?
  7. No, for some reason my bathtub doesn't class as a micro-brewery :LOL:

    The thing people will really hate is they actually struggle to get rid of all the beer that wasn't used for tasting (most breweries send far more than needed). Can't sell it, can't really give it away either. Took months for Uni staff to drink through it all :grin: .
  8. Yup, I was chatting to the good folk at 3 Ravens yesterday evening over a couple or four of their silver and bronze winning brews....they seemed to be suffering some of the after effects of the celebrations (I was trying to catch up!) They were pretty pleased with their haul.

    I understand there was some disappointment that more golds weren't handed out...

    I can recommend the 3 Ravens Saison...a fruit number that is very easy to drink, or their uber black, a stout with balls and a half, which will send you over the limit by just being near it. Now that I live around the corner from a good microbrewery, I can't be stuffed drinking CUB or Lion Nathan... :cool: (sunglasses keep the evil brightness out...it hurts!)

    I should really organise a Netrider event with a tour of their brewery and tastings.... :beer:


  9. ahm ... 'International Beer Awards'? Doesn't look very international at all to me. :?
  10. Entry is open to any brewery that wants to enter. Not their fault that many of the overseas breweries either aren't aware of the competition, or don't care about the competition.
    Last year it was a German beer that took out the top prize, and a Romainian brewery that claimed the Best Lager trophy. Both of those competed this year but didn't win - which either means they got worse, or Aussie/Kiwi beers got much better.
  11. I was really suprised (and really happy to hear) just how many microbreweries there are - it shows a better and more balanced industry.


  12. There's always the fact that a lot of real beer doesn't travel well too.