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2008 Honda Hornet 600

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Mad Mal, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. Anyone got the new 600 hornet yet? Any good? Will be getting my full licence soon and have my eyes on the new hornet . :grin:

    Cheers Mal.[/b]
  2. They did a great write-up on the new CB600F in the paper here last week.
    Looks Great :grin:
  3. Mad Mal are there any links to read the article? If so I'd be keen to read it.

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  5. The April review is for a CBF1000. Unless I'm missing something?
  6. Yep, you're missing something... :)
  7. Both AMCN and the Herald Sun reviewed it and both said the lack of adjustable forks was the only downside (AMCN also mentioned cheap mirrors but said the rest of the bike made up for it).

    AMCN also noted that the thought of it being someones first big bike sits really well with him (the reviewer). I sat on one at Redwing, and I'm with the OP, this is the bike I am aiming for once I am off my Ps
  8. It costs the same as the street triple and the triple is a better option.
  9. If you can manage to get your hands on one... :)

    EDIT: it's also probably subjective; I'd bet the Hornet is cheaper to insure, probably cheaper to service and by all accounts it sounds like it's hoot to ride...
  10. BIKE (UK) said it was the perfect bike. They have one in their test fleet and part of its brief is racing. Months on from the launch no-one's changed his initial opinion....
  11. i dunno about that.
    depends on your definition of 'better'
    the hornet is a reliable bike from a reliable company. don't see any factory recalls on the 2007 hornet in the 18 months it's been out in the UK do we?

    in your opinion the triple is better.
    in my opinion, i'd go with something I know.
  12. Yep just got a copy of AMCN, sounds like a good bike after being on L's.
    I'll take one in blue thanks.
  13. I don't think you have a choice since I think blue is the only colour we get in Australia. Once again we get only one choice out of what - five? And as usual, we get the ugliest one (IMO - sorry, I don't like blue)
  14. i sat on a black one at redwing and i'm sure we get the silver as well. So we get 3 colours.

    Black is pretty hot.
  15. They are a sack-o-doda. For some reason the write up's here in Aus are significantly biased, wonder if Honda has payed its dues to some publishers!
    I have ridden one of these in the UK and they are pretty ordinary, rubbish if you consider the price.
    As mentioned by others, a Triumph is a much better quality and fun-factor purchase.
    The Hornet 600 is nothing more than a learner 600. You will get tired of it in a month and ponder another purchace.
  16. I dont agree... I have been riding one home nearly every night for the last 4 weeks..

    yes, it is not a CBR600RR.. but it is more comfy
    yes, it doesn't have the power of the RR either.. but it's not meant to..

    but it handles fantastically, way better than the 900.. the lights are better than the 900 too..

    I reckon it's a great all round bike.. the UK magazines are the ones that have been raving about them.. as have the local ones..

    But I suppose what you consider a sack-a-doda may be anothers fun bag..

    I mean.. you do after all ride an R1.. which some reckon is an absolute POS..
  17. Oops, you're right. I'm positive Honda's page used to list only Blue, but now there's black and silver as well. I'm very pleased to be wrong about this one!
  18. then they must also have paid publishers in the UK & europe too cause they gave it top reviews too.