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2008 Honda ct110 army bike, no reserve on ebay

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by srsbsns, Apr 25, 2012.

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  1. This Bike is advertised elsewhere under the title:
    2008 Honda CT110 Postie Bike Moped Motorcycle Army Design

    so cant be hard to find it..

    The price I am expecting for the bike is $1500
    model: CT110,
    year: 2008,
    rego: until August 2012
    condition: very good,
    location: Caulfield South
    Accessories: aftermarket exhaust, Air Filter, Bigger Main jet on carby.

    RWC at buyers expense, I can provide an exhaust silencer, all it needs is an original airbox. I can't seem to find the one I pulled off of it :/

    This bike is an "A" grade bike. It honestly is in excellent condition and rides as it should. I am the 2nd registered owner (after australia post). She kick starts first time, every time.

    The paint is Wattyl Killrust Satin Enamel "WIlderness" double coated.

    I need to make room for a new project. So if you are in Melbourne, bid the most you would pay for it- no reserve auctions are always fun :)


    Any questions, fire away!
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  2. have seen and heard this bike, looks nicer in real life and the pic is a nice shot! If anyone's lookin for one of these I reckon jump on it..
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  3. name your price and bike details or your post will be removed, read the t&c's
  4. Thanks mate :)

    Kilometres: 27,900
  5. How often do you get smidsy'd on a camo bike?

    BTW the airbox is in the rack on a postie
  6. I do get smidsy'd more on this bike than my other one.. but I think its more to do with the size than the colour.

    Well I meant the stock air filter to air box containment unit. you know what I mean :) I am assuming that is a rwc requirement..
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.