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2008 Honda CRF 450 R8

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by jswsouthy, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. I'm selling my barely ridden and very beloved 2008 Honda CRF 450 R8!
    As I simply can't ride it as often as i'd like.

    Its been under cover at my parents house in NSW for over a year since I moved to Melbourne. When I was back over the weekend to take these photos I kicked it over, and on the third it started with a ROAR and went like a dream!!

    Bike has only done about 20 hours riding since I bought it Brand new in 2008!

    I'm the only owner, and all work that has been done to the bike has been done at Canberra MotorCycle Centre (Honda Dealer).

    Comes with a Bills Thunder series pipe. Which gives an amazing sound, and serious power! I've ridden a brand new 2010 CRF450 with fuel injection, and mine was definitely louder and seemed quicker too!

    Also included is the Honda work stand and lift stand!

    This is an amazing bike that I wish I had more time to ride!


    Reasonable offers considered!

    Give me a call anytime to have a chat about it!

    0437 726 262

    Email me and I'll send you Pictures!!
  2. yeah...don't think you can put your ad up in the welcome section.
    maybe become a member and move it to the for sale section.

    btw...welcome to the forum!
  3. ^^ As above - This is a welcome section!

    First post & that too about selling your bike. :)