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2008 Honda CBF1000

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Stormtrooper, Jan 24, 2012.

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  1. Seeing if anyone is interested in a 2008 Honda CBF1000.

    For those who haven't come across one before, its a sports tourer with a re-tuned (slightly less powered :D) fireblade motor that is great for any sorts of riding. Its deceptively quick, whilst still being incredibly comfortable for distance touring, single or 2-up.

    Its an inline 4 almost as much torque as a v-twin, but likes to rev out a bit. Comes with Honda's combined braking system as well as ABS so its going to pull up pretty well in most situations.

    The bike is a metallic red, with paintwork in immaculate condition.
    Just over 24,000kms on the clock, with about 70% on front and back tyres. Registration until January 2013.

    Bike also comes with hard luggage - top box and side panniers. There is also a soft cover for the whole bike, as well as fitted accesories of rear hugger, radiator guard, fender extender and centre stand.

    The bike is in excellent condition, and whilst it will be sad to see her go, I'm not riding enough to justify having it in the shed.

    Looking around 9.5k with RWC.

    Pretty basic phone pics. Will post up something better when I get the camera out.

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  2. always post pics

    nice lookin bike
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    ALWAYS. You heard the man.
  4. Price bump - $9k
  5. Price down to 8.5k. I'll get some better photos up tonight.

    This is an awesome, under-rated bike. If you're looking for a touring machine that will slingshot past handing-over-your-license speeds with a simple twist of the wrist, this is a bike worth looking at.

    Only thing I'd say against it is the sound from stock exhausts....
  6. She sure is a lovely looking bike.. if I was just that teeny weeny bit taller.. and that lovely bike a teeny weeny bit shorter..I'd buy another bike from you... by the by.. the CB250 is still going strong. :LOL:
  7. I'd love this beastie (and with the Hornet gone, I NEED another bike), but it's out of my agreed-with-Mrs-Hornet budget range......
  8. What sort of price you looking at Paul? (being NSW, I wouldn't get an RWC so that might drop the price a little :) )
  9. Hey Lizzy,

    Good to hear the CB is still ticking - they are a bullet proof bike, so I can see them outlasting the cockroaches :D

    The seat is actually adjustable with 3 heights, as is the wind shield. Bit like the 3 bears - find a setting that is just right.
  10. reckon the missus would like this bike Paul :)
  11. I must admit my missus is a little put out I've got it on the market....
  12. Well, finally got off my butt and got some decent photos:

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