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2008 Honda CB600F (Hornet) $5000

Discussion in 'Archived' started by mike_dnhm, Apr 12, 2013.

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  1. Hi guys,
    Selling my beloved Honda CB600F. Has Done 39,000kms, pretty much all highway touring kms.
    Will provide RWC.
    Has some small scratches on left hand engine cover, but no other damage from drop.
    -Micron exhaust
    -SDR levers
    -tomok mirrors
    -carbon fibre front fender
    -Ventura rack and bag
    -goodridge braided lines
    -HID lights
    Front tyre has plenty of life, I will replace the rear for the buyer.


  2. That's a LOT of bike for your buck, folks.
  3. These bikes really are sensational.. and for that price.. and with those add-ons.. the buyer will be one lucky person :) good luck with the sale.. :)
  4. Thanks guys. I also forgot to mention that this is one of those bikes with the f-up on vicroads database so it is technically a LAms bike. ( it has the lam. Mark on the rego sticker)
  5. Also, I have all the original parts in case anyone was wondering. Will provide with sale
  6. Oh WTF... How does that work?
  7. There were a few thread floating around here on NR a while ago. apparently a small amount of non-lams bikes slipped through with the lams on the rego sticker. this is one of them.
    I got the bike about a month before my restrictions finished and couldn't wait, so went for a spin. Just my luck, got pulled over by a bike cop in kinglake for a 'random license check'.
    He looked it all over, checked the rego sticker and sent me on my way, so I guess it works..
  8. PRICE DROP - $4900
  9. Would you be able to hold this sale off until March next year? :p Exactly what I would upgrade too after my restrictions. Seriously, look at the price of similar bikes on bikesales people.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.