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2008 Hayabusa..

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Blue14, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. This will be the 2008 Hayabusa. Pics released by Suzuki US yesterday.
    It will be a 1360cc engine with 198hp, 8 hp more than the current ZX14.



  2. The Land Yacht...it's back and uglier than ever.
  3. So what colour you getting Paul?? :LOL:

  4. LOL.. if the orange comes to OZ i may be tempted.. :cool:
  5. Doesnt look to bad except for the ugly weld on the frame.
    Why do Suzuki still do that?

    They can keep the orange though :shock:
  6. It's a bit 'Serena Williams'...................

    A VERY ugly rear! :p
  7. Oh come on the orange is pretty :biker:

    I like the orange one........
  8. The arms race steps up...

    But is it a 6 or 4 cylinder engine?
  9. 4 Cylinder ..
  10. [​IMG]

    No it's not! :LOL:

    Make mine blue, thanks. Or maybe I'll get it sprayed in camo so I won't have to look at it too closely...
  11. Gimme a B KING!

  12. the orange is hot, but WTF is up with that tail asembly!! what are the pods there for other than a warped perception of aesthetics. the power speaks for itself, i dont mind the front end.. but that back end is enough to make a 16 year old boy at a playboy bunnies birthday party go floppy
  13. :WStupid: 198hp naked? Yes please!
  14. here is the rear.. its just lost my attention.. :shock:

  15. Aerodynamics mabye.

    I think the whole package looks good, except the headlight. I don't like the replication of suzuki's design across the whole range, would it be so bad if all their sports bikes didn't look identical?

    There's something wrong when the GS500f and Hayabusa share common headlight styling
  16. I like it, it looks more of an updated version of the old! You can still see the old BUSA underneath it. It looks sexy
  17. Why would Suzuki allow first pics of a bike to be taken with that carpet as background? :?
  18. In the (vain) hope it'll make the bike look better?

    Sorry, but that arse-end is deeply, truly, madly fugly.
  19. Styling is getting out of hand on both of these. I actually don't mind the looks of current Hayabusa so I was pleased to see the pics of the new model - it looks just a bit different, yet still instantly identifiable as the Busa. Those cans are awfully big but as I said about the GTR1400, this is not just a fashion - this is the result of the need to meet the ever-stricter emission standards so we might as well get used to them, because they are here to stay.

    Sadly, three-quarters front view of the official shots turns out to be the most flattering one for this bike. The tail end looks positively scary - what were they thinking?

    As for the B-King, I hate everything about its styling. To me this looks like a design done by a 16-year old, aimed at 16-year olds. Insert your Batman, transformers or Anime references here - to me it just looks like something produced by a perhaps gifted, but simply immature designer.
    I expect it should sell great in the States.
  20. Yeah, just bought a copy of Australian Motorcycle News. Had a small article about the B-King. So the B-King and the new busa are two different bikes? Or is the B-King just a concept name?

    EDIT: Transformers look? Mate, that would be the ONLY reason i'd buy it. Screw the 360 k/ph that it can do!