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2008 gsxr brake issue

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dags260, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. gday everyone. i have an 08 gsxr 750 and pulled my front wheel off a week ago to have the tyre changed. while it was off my son squeezed the brake lever. now with the wheel back on the brakes feel like they need to be bled. they pump up ok and lock the front wheel fine but as soon as you move the bike more than a metre or so the lever goes to the bar then needs to be pumped up again. i bled it once, same problem. tied the lever to the handlebar for 12 or so hours hoping if its got a bubble to move it but still same problem. anyone heard of pistons sinking back into the caliper or something like that? any ideas to remedy it?
    cheers for any help.

  2. Bleed them then kick son over the neighbours fence.
    Get a mate who knows how to do it to help as it can be a pr!ck on your own.

    Next time shove a block of wood between the lever and bar and tie it there while the wheel is off.
  3. bled them 3 times with my old man (car mechanic) still comes up the same.
    son is 3 and a big bike fan...plus im a big softie so ill let it slide this time but take more precautions next time.
  4. Bleed them by pumping and then cracking the banjo bolt up on the master cylinder.

    If that doesn't work you have bumped the disc when changing the tyre
  5. bumped as in warped?

    cracking the banjo bolt will bleed the cylinder yeah? has a nipple which ive bled.
  6. Check the pads are seated properly, if that's not it, do a reverse bleed, big syringe (or similar) from the bleed nipple, pushing the fluid up. Takes all the air up with it. Good Luck.
  7. Sounds like one of three problems....

    1, You bent a disc when you had the wheel out.

    2, The wheel hasn't been fitted back in properly. On GSXR's you have to make sure the wheel is pulled hard to the right hand fork leg or the wheel can move around.

    3, Maybe pads fitted wrong.

    When the lever was pulled with the wheel out, were the pistons pumped all the way out? Sounds like they weren't. I wouldn't have thought it a bleeding problem..... although it could be now seeing as you tried to bleed the system (not knowing you mechanical capabilities :wink: )
  8. The best way to make sure you get all airbubbles out of a brake system is (and get fresh fluid into the caliper)......

    Take the calipers off the wheel.

    Clean around the pistons with a toothbrush (easier with the pads out).

    Remove the reservoir cap.

    Push all the pistons back into the caliper keeping the brake hose bolt at the highest point (air will always rise).

    Careful your reservoir hasn't been topped up with fluid, it could run out of the top as pistons are pushed back.

    You should never need to put brake fluid in a bike unless it is a complete change after two years or you have a leak.

    Brake fluid level is a sign of your brake pad wear; the fluid drops as the pads wear; when you put new pads in the level will raise to the upper level again.
  9. stuck the bike on stands spun the front wheel and the left disc is stuffed. another lesson in there i guess, dont listen to the tyre fitter when he says nah leave the discs on they will be fine.
    thanks for all your help.