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2008 FZ6n

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Stimson, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. Been riding dirt bikes on and off since i was young and now wanting a road bike. Looking at purchasing the Yamaha 2008 FZ6N as my first road bike. Test rode it on Saturday along with the Suzuki SV650 and Kawasaki ER6N. Overall I liked the FZ6N the most. I felt comfy on it. Loved the low grunt of the SV but riding postion was average compared to the FZ6N. I've read through some threads and some folk bag the FZ6N. Is it really as bad as everyone says. I found it pretty good from my limited road bike experiance. Any comments from those who own / have owed one?

  2. i am not the foremost source of bike related wisdom but i took one for a test ride and was not a fan, seemed gutless, whiny and generally average. i wanted a sporty naked though, which the sv650 is and the fz6n most definetely is not.
  3. Power delivery seems to be the biggest complaint with the FZ6. If I was in the market for a mid-size naked right now I'd be looking at the Street Triple, it wipes the floor with everything else in the category in every test I've seen.
  4. from the little i saw trying to follow cam on the last ride he seemed to get it moving along quite well. I believe from the the chat i had with him about at one of the stops the biggest issue he found was the suspension wasn't up to the task for style of riding.

    I know he did put it in and get the front and rear re-done and he he was overall very happy with the new performance.

    But apart from getting the suspension i can't remember him saying anything else negative about them
  5. In-line four not going to be as punchy as the Vtwin - haven't ridden a ER6

    If it suits you riding style, grab one, but for a bit more $$, as Loz said, the Triple's getting rave reviews
  6. Except the Street Triple R.

    That may be worth waiting for. I think its got better suspension and brakes.
  7. Well yeah but for the extra money I think it's probably not worth it. The suspension and brakes on the standard unit will probably offer better ride comfort and you can probably upgrade them down the track for less than the difference if you reckon they're holding you back.
  8. If you don't mind revvs I see nothing wrong with it in general. The looks, riding position and somewhat detuned but not really powerband doesn't appeal to me but of course it does to some. If you don't mind keeping it in the powerband it would be fine, but as you said the SV and other twins are easier to laze around with.
  9. oh i do like the trumpy's and agree they are meant to be a weapon BUT like any bike out there 99% of it comes back to the rider......if you are a shit rider, it doesn't matter how well the bike wipes the floor in it's category it won't make you quick......it might make you quicker through ease to ride etc.....

    throw away all the reviews and get out there and test ride everything and anything and find the one that fits like a glove :wink:
  10. yeh, was gonna look at the street triple, but from a few reviews i've read it's not the most comfortable bike for a long haul and the pillion seat (for the wife) wasn't much chop. a swung my leg over one quickly but didn't really absorb the moment as it was over my price bracket.

    i guess i was after a bit of an all rounder for my first bike and the $$.

    I felt really comfortable and confident straight away on the fz6. i thought is had ample power for my experiance although i did notice it kicked in a little later than the SV. It just felt smoother to me.

    Why must it be so hard to choose........
  11. It's not hard, chose what suits you the best.

    I had a '06 FZ6S for approx 15mths and found it a terrific bike. Despite what other says, the power delivery is clean and even across 70% of the rev range with quite a bit of kick around 8K. This is why you found it smooth and ample. After test riding an SV and riding one for about an hour, the FZ6 is a superior bike in all ways (power, torque when used it the right power delivery revs for both bikes, and comfort). Suspension on the SV was better, but the latter is more a sports bike and delivered as such. The FZ6 is a sport/tourer and thus appointed/marketed as such. If really pushing it through the twisties, the suspension of the FZ6 wouldn't be admired - but I did/found that twice in the ~15mths.

    Never rode an ER6, but a rider of one rode my FZ6 briefly and he was impressed by the FZ6.
  12. The FZ6n is a great little bike for the price. If you haggle a bit I am sure you can get one for around 10-10.5K rideaway. As the others have pointed out the suspension is fairly basic. The worst offender is the front fork springs being way too soft. Tart up the suspension a bit & you will have something that is smooth, light & powerful that would give an R6 or R1 for that matter a pretty big fright in the tight stuff -due to the wider bars offering better leverage & an engine that doesn't require 10,000 rpm before meaningful progress is made. I rode one before & after an Ohlins shock & cartridge emulators were fitted & really liked it. A lot more confidence inspiring after the suspension upgrade if a few mid corner bumps were thrown into the equation :) :)
  13. Never ridden one but its on my list to try. Love the look of them, will definately give one a go before I buy another bike.

    Not very helpful I know but hey :p
  14. thanks for everyones input.

    yeh, got that part sorted, managed to get to 10.5 rideaway, although i think i may squeeze a little more out of the deal yet. Suspension, yeh, read elsewhere it is average. Something to upgrade later (if required/needed) when I get more riding experiance to acknowledge it..

    When i test rode it i didn't even get past 5000 revs, so i guess i have something to look forward to.