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2008 Ducatis are online.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mkey, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. The 2008 range of Ducati's are up on Ducati's Website


    The 696 Monster, 1098R Superbike and the 848.

    The new 696 Monster is getting very mixed reviews on The Ducati Monster list Forum.

    I do love the 848, Yummy!

    Word of Warning, The Ducati Website is running like a Slug.
  3. omg im so buying a 848 or 1098s next year man they are so awesome
  4. So is there no "ss" series anymore?
  5. I wish they'd make a ducati engine sound nice and smooth like a daytona 675 instead of so rumbly and mongrel like.
  6. Errkk!!

    That's the main appeal that the Ducati actually has!!!

    That's... that's... err... you're a Honda rider aren't you... have to be... no one but a Honda rider would say that :p
  7. Disappeared in '06.
  8. I'm keen to see what the price of the 848 will be. Supposedly an 848S is a few months further down the track.

    The 848 has about the same power at the 999 plus handling improvements, should be a great bike!
  9. The specs of the new monster is impressive- 80hp, 161kg.
  10. fixed

  11. Wow, they got rid of the only ducks that made any sense.
  12. Eh? :? The 1098R makes nigh on 100ft-lbs of sense.
  13. Seems they've listened to you..............

    I could really get over my dislike of undertail exhausts for one of those I think.
  14. habibi

    Someone makes a comment like "yummy" and from that you assume they are gay?

    Makes me think you might be a little Homophobic. :shock:

    Now if I had have directed that comment towards you.......
    Then you might have a case.

    But my Wife would want to watch and then we have to sell the DVD's to recover the costs, way to complicated! :LOL:
  16. Gotta agree with you on that one!
  17. Sigh, it was inevitable they eventually had to update the Monster. It was equally inevitable the update would not be an improvement (I'm talking about the visual stuff here, not the mechanical package). The existing model had such clean classic lines there was nowhere to go but down, the only question was, how low they would sink?

    Well, it could be worse I suppose but for me the new Monster lost that classic purity of the outgoing model, replacing it with what seems like a mix of unrelated bits. Headlight makes me think of the MV Brutale, exhaust seems to be borrowed from a Speed/Street Triple, and I could swear there's a bit of Hyosung in there too... and none of it is particularly attractive either on its own or as a part of the package.

    Mechanically it might be a better bike, but if I was in the market I'd be grabbing the last of the current model as fast as I could.
  18. Looks like Ducati just made my bike a classic. On one of the Ducati forums people are talking about getting "Real Monsters have round headlights" shirts made up like Jeep owners did in the eighties.
  19. I'd get one of those. In fact I'd like to get one that says "Real bikes have round headlights"!
  20. Very very very nice bikes on that site, I know what I want for xmas this year! :grin: