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2008 CRF250X

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by bluemuppet, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    I'll preface this post by saying I'm a newbie in the respect that I've never owned and maintained a trail bike before, although I have ridden them a number of times.

    I am looking at buying a second hand 2008 CRF250X trail bike from a friend. He bought it a number of years ago and believe it or not has only put 60kms on the clock. He has too many toys and the numpty managed to sprain his ankle both times he ever rode it, so is looking to finally move it on. He has kept it registered.

    This means that it is practically new, HOWEVER it also means that it has been sitting around with the oils, fuel, and linkage grease etc potentially becoming stale over time. A similar thing could be said for any rubber o-rings and seals, going dry and degrading over time. He has kept the bike garaged as far as I am aware.

    Can anybody advise what to look out for here? For example, what can be identified by doing a visual inspection standing next to the bike? Getting it checked over by a mechanic is probably the best way to check but want to know how much I can have a look at myself.

  2. To be honest, I'd probably just change all the fluids, put some fresh petrol in it and then ride it, and see what happens.

    Some rubber components may give trouble, but it's not that old.

    Be aware of tyres going hard. This may not be such a problem on the dirt, but could be a problem on the road.]

    I believe that model still has a carbie. It might be worth pulling the carbie and going through it with some carbie cleaner, to remove any gum. Might be worth putting a kit through it, as the gaskets and o-rings may be cracked.

    Other than that, the fuel lines (and filter) themselves, and the vacuum line(s). These are all fairly cheap so it might be worth changing them anyway.

    Also thoroughly inspect brake lines.
  3. Excellent, perfect response, thanks.
  4. just remember that the CRF250X is NOT a "trail bike".. it is a high strung enduro bike that will need very regular maintenance including new valves every once in a while.. oil changes every few rides etc etc..
    if you want something you can ride in the bush, park and repeat, you should be looking for something else like a DRZ...