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2008 compliance - Sumoto used motorbikes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by grug012, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    Sumoto seems to sell used bikes (check out bikepoint) which say 2008 compliance but they are old bikes 89,90,91 and so on...

    Can anyone tell me what this exactly means?
    Has the bike been completely rebuilt?
    Are there km's on the bike?
    Whats the deal with the new fairings?

    Are the bikes worth buying?

    e.g. bikes included are cbr250R, RR, cb250F, zxr250
  2. Oh boy, okay, I'll save you from the wrath of the rest of NR :p....search function is your friend, there are many, MANY threads discussing this already....and this topic always get people going....
  3. There's a fair bit of feedback Sumoto on this forum (more bad than good, actually, I don't think there's been anything positive said about them) if you search for it. As for the info you're after try here.

    I myself bought through them and while mechanically I haven't had any problems, I learnt that I payed way over the odds for it. I was a noob to riding and had no-one to turn to for advice. Wish I had come across this site before buying because I would've been more informed on what's out there and saved myself a wad of cash. Having said that I'm happy to say I still have my Spada, which has been a fantastic bike. If I had to do it again, I'd probably still would've bought a Spada but for a shedload less privately. I'd avoid them like the plague.
  4. oh.

    thanks fellas.

  5. Definitely dont buy from them. The prices they are asking for 1990 models is ridiculous. And then trying to disguise them as 2008 models. They should be put out of business.

    Not to mention the numerous stories of people buying bikes from them only to find bits and pieces missing or not connected. :?
  6. To save you the searching, (if you haven't found out already)

    Sumoto sell imported Japanese motorcycles, the compliance date is the first year the bike was registered in Australia, Not the bike's construction date.

    I doubt the bikes are completely rebuilt, but certainly completely polished, cleaned and often resprayed. From what I understand, they pack shipping containers full of these things in Japan and assemble the best complete bikes they can from the container at this end.

    There are kms on the bikes, they are all used Japanese bikes, ridden around on japanese roads for 10+yrs :) , you cannot trust the number displayed on the odometer, they will almost always be incorrect, either through tampering, not being originally paired with that particular bike or clocked (100,000+kms).

    These importers are probably the ultimate statement in how well these old bikes were screwed together in the first place.....thrashed around for 10+ yrs in another country, thrown in containers shipped away to be reassembled, resprayed and sold to unsuspecting customers at usually inflated prices. And more often than not the bikes are ok....ride well and are fairly reliable.

    Sumoto in particular have a poor reputation for inflated prices, preying on naive learners, misleading advertising regarding the age/kms on the bikes and poor after sales support. (allegedly :) )
  7. does the 40,000km then bin it apply to motorcycles as it does to cars in japland?
  8. dont think they ride that far in japan

    anyway, its up to you if you want to pay inflated prices, Mr sumoto isnt holding a gun to your head and making you buy the thing, anyway if you buy a second hand cbr250rr it is probably 3rd hand, Japan/Sumoto/noob to you
  9. The bikes come out of a container and their clean it up an get nice new fairings for it. mechanically, do you feel lucky?

    honestly, the price that people want for their 250RR on bieksales, makes sumoto look attractive.

    I wont recommend sumoto at all. I did but my first bike from them because I didnt know better before
  10. Guys, refer to the threads already posted, please lets not rehash old stuff.
  11. Thats a pretty weak statement. If you put that in the T&C you would never see another post on the whole forum.

    Some dude asked a question for his circumstances and got a response. If its been covered before, so what. You might as well lock the forum.
  12. coke.