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2008 CBR 600RR test ride

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by robbied, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    I took the 08 600RR for a 40 minute test ride yesterday around some of my favourite local roads. It was fun.

    First things first. This thing is light. 250cc light. 155 kg's dry.
    It's also small. At first I thought "this could be uncomfortable". Surprisingly its not too bad for my 6' frame. The bars are lower than im used to. The longer I rode it the more I got used to the ergonomics.

    Now onto the motor. This bike has a surprisingly good mid range. Its actually pretty similar to my 900RR in its characteristics (the mid range that is). Then you get to the demonic top end. The motor opens up and begins screaming. As others have said gear selection is more important than on a litre bike. Not that much more important though surprisingly. Its a little more challenging but more rewarding. It feels like a race bike and sounds like one.

    The handling is obviously superb. You can feel the road surface perfectly. You think about turning and this bikes already on its side. Very flickable. It seemed the faster I went the easier it was. The brakes are excellent as would be expected on a bike of this class. Great feel and stopping power.

    The transmission is beautiful. I plain love it. There is no clunkiness whatsoever. It is silky smooth. It's so easy to change gears quickly.

    I love the steering damper. In bumpy sections where my 900 would normally start headshaking the 600RR front end is completely stable even under hard acceleration.

    Overall its an excellent bike. Every component works perfectly with the other. It just feels like a complete package right out of the box. The thing that makes me smile is how innocent this bike looks. It's innocence is lost right away once you ride the thing and realise how rediculously powerful it is. :demon: Your left thinking 'how the hell did they fit that much power into a bike so small?'

    Next I will ride the 07 GSXR 750. See how that stacks up.

  2. They are something special aren’t they.
    Personally I thought the mid range was a little lacking. But yes once they get spun up they are a wild beast ready to eat you alive if you don’t respect them.
    And in corners they are an absolute F#$KING DREAM!
  3. Im upgrading so I've got a few bikes I want to look at. Hopefully I can test ride the 750 very soon, see how that compares with the 600RR. I'll try and test ride a 675 too, im curious to see how the triple goes.

    Don't think im going to go the 1000cc route. I like riding at full throttle, changing through the gears, working the bike. On a 1000cc by the time you wind the throttle on your already going too fast and have to back off.
  4. full throttle on first gear already get me up to 130-150.
    if you like riding full throttle all the time....maybe a cbr125 might be more suitable :grin:

    I chose the cbr600 because it has the best handling and least adapting from cbr250
  5. Serious? That's some hektikly tall gearing for a 600!.. are they all like that or does your bike have different gearing to stock??
  6. 155? :shock:

    10 years ago, the cbr600 was 186kg

    31kg loss over 10 years.

    So maybe by 2018 they will be 125kg? Probably with 30% more power? :shock: :shock:
  7. He must have different gearing as mine hits 124 in 1st.
  8. I dont know wat the gearing is. I bought it second hand.

    at about 10k rpm in 1st, I am going 120. I reckon if you redline it, it should go 130 at least.

    150 is just a guess rough guess..

    actually I might have different gearing I find it hard to do power wheelies...or i might just be a noob.
  9. Seems WAY high in 1st for a 600.

    Rev Limiter 1st gear actual (not indicated) speed on a stock geared 675 with new tyres is 114kph. I think Triumph have made first gear a little taller for the 2009 model though.

    If you want fat midrange on a super-sport, the 675 will blow you away. The Kawasaki ZX636 feels positively anaemic in the mid-range in comparison. It's odd though. You look at the dyno power curves and it doesn't look like there should be a big difference, but once you ride it, there's absolutely no question. Good power, everywhere. Heck, I rode a piped '08 GSXR750 back to back against my 675, and still thought the 675 had more midrange.

    Still, if you do take an '08 GSXR750 out for a test ride, it'll be a real challenge not to drop a deposit on it the same day. It's the only bike I've ridden that I honestly thought was a match, in terms of a complete package, for the 675.
  10. I've always wondered how the ST675 compares to the Daytona. It'd be interesting to see the results if one day you did some kind of comparo/test, Flux.
  11. I'll have to try the 675 too then. Thats really what I am after, a complete package.
  12. the rev limiter kicks in at 129 kph

    all the gsxr daytona, cbr will give you speed. and you want a bike that you are comfortable at handling at such speed not just in a straight line, but also in corners
  13. The 675 is really built for 5'10" people and taller. It's tall, thin, and lanky. It doesn't have that Japanese-bike feel, and by that, I mean it's not something that you jump on and feel instantly comfortable. It's a platform that you grow to appreciate the more you push it. I tend to think of the 675 as a bike that would be more appreciated by track day riders and fast road riders, as they're the people who are more likely to instantly appreciate the chassis setup on it.

    I've seen it said a few times now that the perfect super-sport would be a 675 motor in a CBR600 chassis, but then you read comment by ex-racers who say that they prefer the 675's chassis over the CBR.

    Really though, they are both fantastic bikes. I'd completely understand why someone would choose one over the other. The 675 felt a little alien to me at first after riding Japanese bikes all my life, but the more I ride it, the more I appreciate it. I'd definitely buy another over anything else on the market out there at the moment, with maybe the '08 GSXR750 being the only other bike I'd consider come retirement time (for this bike).

    I'm within a month of laying down a deposit on a Street Triple R, unless someone can talk me out of it.
  14. Well I absolutely LOVE my 07600RR (same bike) and am gutted that I have to sell it within the next 3 months :cry:


    I actually love it so much I think I'll buy another one when I get back from OS late next year... that is unless Stew can convince me there is something else I should be buying... :-w :wink:

    PM sent Stew.
  15. Man I wish I was in a position to make an offer on it...
  16. It's already pre-sold to Dannyboy (lucky bastard!), so never fear Jase.
  17. hehe, thought I felt my ears burning :p

    it'll still be here when you come back Dougz, so there's a possibility of a reunion between you and your beloved bike... unless I fall completely head over heels for it in the meantime :LOL:
  18. my dream bike...
    2 more years and I'll stop dreaming :(
  19. dont look here for an excuse not to buy one, stew!! :grin: do i smell a stripped, gutted, lightweight corner tearing beast in the build?

    the 600RR is a ripper little bike. however at 195cm tall, it really was a "little" bike for me.
  20. I got to ride a 600RR today for about 20kms through some winding roads. Very nice ride. Good grunty motor for a 600 I4 once I worked out that the "mid-range" starts at 7000rpm, and not at 4000rpm like on the 675. Get it singing above 11,000rpm and it starts to pull quite hard.

    Handling and feeling was typical "Japanese sportsbike", and by that I mean that you feel like you're sitting nestled in the bike, with the bike around you. This provides a good weight-centralised position that makes for easy direction change and stable cornering.

    Overall, I enjoyed it. I still prefer the 675, but that's more of a personal/individual thing. I can easily understand anyone choosing one over the other, and whatever the final choice, you're still getting a fantastic bike.