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2008 CBR 1000rr

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by vpajic, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. Just picked up 2 days ago!

    Has just over 11,000 km's on it, Previous owner put an Akra slip on and went down 1 tooth on the front sprocket, definitely feels punchy!

    Intention is to use this blade for weekend riding and track day's!

    To anyone with the same bike - What mods did you do to it?

    Here's the pic:

  2. Hey mate. Its technically the same as the 2012. But there are a few things about the 08/09 that really need to have an eyed kept on.
    1. They will burn oil. Honda changed the rings in 09
    2. Make sure the clutch recall has happened
    3. Early 08 bikes had a lighter crank than 09. The it was changed again in 10. This material i n the 08 09 crank can be soft and prone to sheering and/or grinding teeth off the primary gear

    these three points are all covered under manufacturer recall. But honda will not warrant a recall unless you actually have the problem happen. Also dealers will refuse to admit the 08 and 09 models burnt oil. You need to insist it is covered under recall. It is a case split fix and you may not want to do it, but the option was there. It can be as much as 1 litre in 1000km maybe a bit more. Oil burn is not a problem if you watch your oil. I have heard of guys having burn problems up until the bike hits 30000km then it stops.
  3. Thanks for the info RRdevil!

    I'd heard and read up on the oil burning issues but figured I would just monitor it and see if this one was affected by it. Didn't know about the clutch recall though so I will look into that asap. I bought the bike privately and not from a dealer, are you still able to go to honda if you have issues?
  4. Of course all recall are for subsequent buyers too. And there is no cut off date for the recall. I would however expect a bike like the fireblade with 150000km to burn oil. Yours at 11000 is still almost new. If you want to learn if you have an oil burner give the bike a good thrashing. Itll be pretty obvious

    This video will give you an idea.
    It is a pretty long process for recall. Your dealer has to video the bike and send to honda in media form. No email allowed. Apparently worst i have heard was 3 months from start to fix. And with the 08 its apparently not if it burns oil but when
  5. Some recalls may have been done. A phone call to your honda deaker with vin number should tell everything they need to know
  6. Clutch/crank noise. If it ever makes this noise i would trailer it to the dealer

  7. Wow, thanks again for the heads up mate! Going to take it next week to my mechanic for a look over so ill discuss it with him.

    I had a 3 hour session yesterday in 37 degree heat where I was going hard with a few mates, didnt see what I saw in the video you posted, maybe i'm lucky or it still hasn't happened yet. On a side note, what exhaust do you run on your 2012 blade?
  8. Stock. But will be getting arrow gp2.
  9. Sweet, I assume the 2012 and 2008 blades produce a similar sound out of the exhaust? Let me know / post a youtube clip of your bike with the new exhaust. I've currently got the akra but it doesn't sound as good as other exhausts in my opinion...
  10. Arrow gp2 on 08 09

  11. Now that's more like it!!! Wonder if anyone wants to swap haha
  12. Is the akra carbon? How much you want for it?
  13. Yeh it is. Let me get back to you mate, I'll find out the details of it and i'll pm you!
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  15. I'm interested in the K&N filter + Power commander - I'm probably in the medium category when it comes to ability and speed on track days- do you think it's a value for money mod or would it make more sense when I transition into a faster rider?

    Previous owner fitted heated grips to this bike as well, probably one of the most under rated mods you can have, you really don't know what you're missing out on until you try them!!

    I've currently got an Akra exhaust on it but it's much more of a throaty sound, full of bass. I like the more gp sound you get from other pipe's.... if only you were in melb so I could hear the yoshi in action!
  16. #16 nescius, Jan 14, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2013
    I think K&N filter + power commander is an ok value for money mod, from memory I paid about $1000 for supply and fit both and the dyno tune. Increased hp from 153 to 162 at the wheel. It seemed to smooth things out a bit as well, the bike was running a bit rough after I installed the pipe which is what prompted me to look at the power commander.

    The yoshi sounds pretty nice I think, not outrageously loud, but certainly not quiet either (I think the akra on my ZX-9R was a bit louder). I had a new set of tyres fitted last week and a couple of guys at the bike shop commented on how good the exhaust sounded, so I guess it's pretty nice (but exhaust sound can be a personal thing). I also like the way the yoshi looks, it comes with a shield that runs in line with the lower fairing so it looks more integrated than a lot of the others.

    And yeah, hot grips are the greatest, I rode through 6 or 7 Canberra winters without them before I woke up to myself!

    Blurry phone pic showing exhaust:

  17. Very clean ride, I have an 08 as well.

    I have an extensive mods list (to the point where I want to go back to being clean and simple as it's my commuter).
    • Jardine GP1-R Exhaust
    • Power Commander PCIII (mapped by DynoBike)
    • Venhill Braided Lines
    • K&N Filter
    • Pazzo Levers
    • R&G Tail Tidy
    Then a whole bunch of other pointless mods...