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2008 CBR 1000RR....PICs

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Dr DRIFT, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. What do you think?

    I think I will keep my 2006' much better looking bike.... :wink:


    Now my baby.....

  2. with a fender eliminator that would be hot, its actually nice to see honda move away from the sharp lines in the front of the fairing and headlights, and aslo away from the undertail exhaust, never been a fan
  3. It's got the same sort of "foil" fairing design as the new 600RR, Honda must think there's something to it.

    The exhaust looks great, though I don't know about the black underside thingy.
  4. just makes it look like the cowl on the 05 1000RR
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  6. some parts of the bike i do like but others i don't. i notice they have followed suzuki and gone for the indicators in the mirrors.

    in my honest opinion i think honda won't be selling quite as many as this year
  7. nEW cbr


    I hope its a better bike than the previous,

    because on looks alone

  8. It looks okay but what the heck is hanging off the tail???!?!?

    You would definately need a fender eliminator to clean it up
  9. Reminds me of a 10 foot tall man with a babies head.

    Never been a fan of hondas...
  10. they look terrible
    is that the design being released!!
    wat were they thinkin
  11. Geeez, talk about bland. What are you doing honda?!!?!?
  12. '06 Model FTW!

    lol teh 08 is just wrong, with some pointy edgy bits, n that rounded nose.

    then theres the stump exhaust... its hideous :?
  13. They probably have just released these images to test the market.

    I can't see them releasing this shape in the market.

    Looks like its missing a chromosone!
  14. If they are testing the market for that, then they are thinking of releasing it...
    Hopefully 1) it is early enough to change, 2) They listen to the market 3) the Market responds violently aginst it
    Because IT"S UGLY!
  15. apparently the big boys at honda are "very excited about the new blade". That was the discussion I had at the my local honda shop. Not happy bout the end of production of the blackbird,the introduction of a vfr1000(dont like v4's) although the pic I saw of the VFR1000 looked like a blade with a single swided arm....looked ok.

    Honda will play their cards very close to their chest til its time to release their goodies to the market.
  16. i call photoshop
  17. Who punched it in the nose?? :LOL: :LOL:

    Not too impressed by the looks, wonder if the engine has had a makeover. Or will Honda just reduce the price to sell em, like this year :wink:
  18. honda..... the ford and holdens of the motorcycle world. We cant sell enough so we will gut the price outta them til we do. too bad about everyone who just paid 30% more for theirs. They will reduce them every year to sell them.
    They only seem to want to build generators and lawnmowers these days. Not competitve race bikes. The only thing that makes them competitive is the companies that invest in sponsorship on the teams so they can throw loads of coin at the bikes. Honda used to be good, now they are just plain last. Think it will be the new busa for me next year.....suzuki seem to have it together even in MGP.
    "Go casey" for sunday!!!
  19. Dont think much of it at all, and the pipe sucks!
    Looks like my 06 is gunna be a keeper, either that or I will have to change brands; cause aint no way I'm buyin one of those :mad:
  20. From the comments I hear from some Honda execs it will be the 1000 bike to beat in 2008.

    Does not look like we will see it here in Australia on the 28th September 2007 for the "World Wide Release"