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2008 cbf1000

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Stormtrooper, May 29, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Cleaned the ad up a bit and also a price drop.

    Up for sale is my beautiful 2008 CBF1000. These are an excellent touring bike with comfortable seating for 2-up, but is just as happy to cut through some twisties or bring a smile to your face as you wind the throttle on and feel the acceleration.

    The CBF has the same 1000cc motor as the Fireblade, just detuned (more user-friendly I believe is the marketing term) to 100bhp. It will still get from 0 - 100 in under 4 seconds so its not a slow bike. The upshot of the work to the motor is massive amounts of torque. Not quite V-Twin territory, but not far off. You twist the throttle at any part of the rev range and the bike will respond.

    My bike has a lot of additional features making it perfect for someone wanting to get straight into touring. The bike is in pristine condition, with the only marks being on the hard luggage. I've never dropped her, nor had the previous owner. A very under-rated bike but well worth a look at.

    2008 CBF1000 (Candy red - best Honda colour!)
    Tyres: 70% front and back
    Rego: Jan 2013

    Factory rear hugger
    Factory extended front mudguard
    Factory Top box (colour coded)
    Factory Panniers (colour coded)
    PowerBronze radiator protector

    All this can be yours for $8,300.

    Bike is located in Bendigo, but happy to go for a ride if someone wants to have a look.



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  2. No one interested??

    Dropping the price to $8k..... someone talk to me :)
  3. Hey..
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  4. In the unlikely event you're still looking to sell it in spring, I'll be looking to talk :)
  5. The way things are looking, it could still be available then :)
  6. FWIW I can vouch for the OP. Helpful and easy to deal with. I bought his last bike and it was in excellent condition (and still going strong)

    Hope it sells soon.
  7. Hey Greg - hope the TDM is still looking after you :)
  8. Nice EVA avatar :D
  9. Figured it would be the next best thing to take out after a bike :)
  10. Nice lookin bike, I only have a hornet 900, and the torque you speak of am familiar and does make you lazy when putt puttind around doesnt it cause doesnt work hard and when you crank the bugger she winds and gets to a point and goes like stink...
    I am envious of the pannier system dressed, does it look like a viffer? slightly fairless version no less..

  11. We're getting on famously........bought another Ventura bag and zipped it to the front of the existing bag, then spent a weekend in the Snowy recently. Cracking bike :cool: Nice looking CBF you have there......hope it sells soon for you.
  12. Its got some similarities to the VFR, but a more upright seating position, more legroom, and the steering is a bit more relaxed. Would still keep up with the VFR in the acceleration stakes but does miss that nice intake noise....
  13. $7.8k. Beuller?
  14. :( wish I had cash to splash , hate being poor lol
  15. One of the finest sleeper bikes in the second-hand market today. I would have snapped this one up if another wasn't already in my garage ;)

    $7800 is a genuine bargain. All the best for a quick sale, Stormtrooper.
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  16. Hey guys,

    Dropping the price to 7.5k.
    Just found out the cage needs to be replaced so hunting for funds.

  17. No one looking for an awesome tourer??

    (I know this is a bump, but I was nearly off the bottom of page 3 of the classifieds :) )
  18. That's a beautiful looking bike! Now that spring is here you'd think it should sell quickly, especially at that price.
  19. Seems its hard to sell a bike these days :)

    Only had one serious viewer, and he wasn't quite ready for a replacement at the time and no one else since....
  20. Have you tried putting it on eBay? Stick it up for 99c and a high reserve and see what it reaches. Won't be a terribly realistic price, but would give you an idea of the kind of "Baseline" price. And you might get some people interested who hadn't heard of the model before.
    Looking over bikesales, this model seems to be asking anywhere from $5k to $11k.. which seems to imply no-one really knows what it's worth now.
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