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2008 CB400 Revo

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by POMMEYBIKER, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. Hi all

    I bought a second hand 2008 CB400 Revo which appears to still sparkle even with its 2008 plate. The engine still had a nice pur and doesnt rattle or make funny noises when riding over speed bumps at reasonable speeds. It had 29000 km's on it and is the ABS model.

    I have only owned a 50cc moped (stolen from me), a 125cc racey 2stroke (melted because i treated it like a prostitute) and a 125cc naked 4stroke (which i was much nicer to)

    The CB400 is quite another beast. I noticed in the log book it didnt have its major service and valve clearence checks at 24000 (Instead she had a minor service). Alot of mechs said 99.9% of CB400's have good valve clearance at 24000 but I should still book her in. So I booked her in for a major service for Monday as I am planning to keep her past my P's at Lloyd Penn Motorcycles to get the situation under control. She still has alot of kick in the vtech

    But how hot should she be? When putting my hand on the engine it would burn me if left long enough. Is that normal? I dont remember my bikes in the UK being so hot however they were also smaller engines and that was back in the UK cold weather. After ideling the engine, letting her warm up from choke it starts to get to hot to the touch. After giving it some vtech action the engine is hot but I cant see the radiator fan spinning. The fan doesnt spin much in stop start traffic however i keep her at low revs to try and fight the heat anyway. There are no warning lights what so ever. So I ask, is the heat normal?

    I also wanted to know... if the valve clearance wasnt checked and out of place, does that mean the engine is borked, or is it just a bit of performance loss? What is the consequence of not checking a valve clearance that is slowly going wrong? Would it eventually have shit power or would it blow up and burn in some way?

    Is 6000km over the recommended valve clearance checks a major concern on the trusty CB400 Honda? Recommended check is at 24000, and im doing it at 30000

    Am I worried over nothing much?
  2. Think your worrying over nothing. Its unlikely to chuck a piston or hit the valve if its a tad out. You would suffer performance loss is about it. And yes, they do get hot, way too hot to touch for more than a second or so. Must be seriously cold in the UK if you can play touchy feely with the engine after its been used for 15 mins or more.

    Suggest while your here, check out the Cb40o thread.

    She'll be a tad quicker than your last 125 too.
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  3. Missing the valve check probably won't be major drama but the older an engine is the more likely thing go wrong so stick to scheduled maintenance.

    Engines and stove tops get hot. Do NOT touch. Also don't run with scissors.
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  4. theres also a very slight churning vibration in neutral, is that normal for the bike. It goes away in gear or if the clutch is pulled in
  5. Sorry mate, I don't really know what you are referring too with regards to a churning vibration. Best to compare with another. They idle a tad lumpy especially when cold, that's normally about it.
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  6. I felt that on a cb4 I rode the other day.
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  7. Thanks guys! what a great resource this forums is! Guess anything weird will pop up after her major service on Monday. Hoping its clean, will let you all know
  8. Good luck
  9. My cb400 clutch rattled in neutral too. Pull it in and it goes away. Don't believe it's an issue. My Land cruiser does the same FWIW!!
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  10. Major service done, been told all was good!! :)

    The heat, clutch rattle, valve clearance at 30k all good. They had some might fine cb hornets (2012) there to. Yummy
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  11. The Street Triple also rattles in neutral (though my CBR250R never did), so I don't think you've got anything to worry about there!
  12. The shop said it was because the "clutch basket had springs in it" and thats what makes the rattle and its perfectly normal

    I dont know what that means exactly, other than being told it was normal :)