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2008 Buell

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by JohnG., Jul 9, 2007.

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    Aparently Buell is using a hotter version of Aprilias v60 Rotax motor!YUM!

  2. Why does it have the front end off a 916?

    Engine U.S. Units Metric Units
    Engine Liquid-cooled 1125cc Helicon® V-Twin Liquid-cooled 1125cc Helicon® V-Twin
    Torque (North America per SAE J607) 82 ft. lbs. @ 8000 RPM 111 NM @ 8000 RPM
    Horsepower (North America per SAE J607) 146 HP @ 9800 RPM 146 HP @ 9800 RPM

    Dry Weight 375 lbs. 170 kg

    Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (US$) $11,995

    The torque curve is amazing (if the dyno chart on the buell website is for real), completely flat with all it's torque available from 4000 to 10'500 rpm.


    If the Australian retail pricing is the same as the American pricing, then it looks like it'll be a very good value for money package if you want a V-twin sportsbike.
  3. Those air-ducks are hideous :shock:

    Rest of the bike looks ok though...and it's about time they got a decent motor :wink:
  4. ha, i was only posting the other day about when Buell will give the Firebolt a makeover. not too sure about the new exhaust, I liked the old cylendrical belly-pan pipe, it was so fuk-off american. kind of like the side exhausts on the old sting-rays

    but look at this dash! the only thing i didn't like on the firebolts was the aged dash. but this new one looks great, even the mouldings behind the screen, if Geiger designed and rode a bike it would be this one.
    hot damn this bike is sexy, and that's coming from an owner of an 06 rs125

    how many more days am i on restrictions again..? :)
  5. oh i think i have found a replacement for the firestorm, that is sh!t hot, sounds great, just have to wait and see what the aus retail on it will be
  6. Well this has definately got my attention, but I think it's one of those bikes you have to see in the metal when it comes to looks. Some pics make the front look big, wide and almost ugly, while in other pics it looks pretty damn sleek and cool. It sounds great, though.
  7. Looks like it has the goods. Hopefully it lives up to the Hype!!!
  8. slightly off topic, but when will the '08 model bikes start becoming available? like early '08 or do they come a few months earlier (ie, late '07)?
  9. It sounds like it could be a really good bike (from what the innaweb has to say about it). I do like that fact that Buell will try something a little bit different, the 1125r doesn't look like any other bike I have seen before.
  10. Wow - I was expecting ugly, and that actually looks quite good! Question is, have they sorted the frame/brakes/reliability? :p :LOL:
  11. I think it misses the point of the buell entirely.

    The world needs another v-twin like i need a hole in my head
  12. well concidering the firestorm will shortly be departing the market place, only 06 plated models are currently being sold, and there is no news on the horizon for a replacement, as honda are going to be focusing on the V4 range that will be getting released in the coming years

    i really welcome the new buell, as it really is suited to those that like the half faired firestorm
  13. :shock: Big sports V-2's and hot Swedish backpackers are two things the world will never have enough of. *glove slap*
  14. hahaha its got like a compartment thing so when you are really crouched down you dont hear anything.. (if you have no idea wat im talking about watch the video) guess this would be good on long rides. but on short rides it would be fun listening to the bike.
  15. Yep, you'll make a good Ducati rider. Lattes at 50 paces it is.
  16. What do I have to do to who to get a spin on one of these?

    Really. I am up for anything.

    This should be awesome. Nimble chassis. Great brakes. A motor that can launch you into hyperspace.
  17. Buell1125.

    At last Harley (Buell) and Aprilia have something in common.Rotax engines! :LOL: But seriuosly,'should kick some ass :cool: :twisted:
  18. I tell you what, I'm not too keen on the upper fairing being separated from the rest of the body fairings but the rest of the bike looks fcuking amazing.

    Always did like those gold coloured headers on the Buell's, and that swingarm looks sweet.
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    Actually I'd make a good ucUvJ3wm6DU[/media]]Simpsons fan. I've never ridden a Ducati. I ride a '97 cbr600 (yes, the worlds most boring bike by the worlds most boring manufacturer) for my daily commute and what ever weekend rides I can find the time for. I don't do Lattes, so you can kindly put that stereotype back up from where it came from.

    My point is that there are seventy three kajillion inline four sports bikes. The litre thou's from the big 4 are all so similar (as so many here that have ridden them all post). How many true sports 2's can you mention? How many with fuel and oil in the frame(s)? How many that look anything like the 1125?
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