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2008 Bimota DB7

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by CamKawa, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]
    These are the first pics of the all-new Bimota DB7. Designed by Enrico Borghesan, the standard bike is powered by the Ducati 1098 engine, and there will also be a higher-performance DB7 fitted with the WSBK-spec 1200cc engine from the Ducati 1098R!

  2. Is there an Australian distributor for Bimota?
  3. Resurrecting this old thread because I just found out Stoney Creek Powersports have been recently appointed as Australian distributor for Bimota. They are the same guys who handle Moto Morini and Benelli (as well as some lesser brands like Sachs and TG8).

    So yes, there is now an Australian distributor for Bimota and they expect to have full range of Bimotas (including Tesi 3D) some time mid-year*. Better start saving :)

    * Of course, they also said at one stage they'd be bringing a full range of MZ bikes to Australia. That was some three years ago, and we're still waiting... so it might be useful to take their press releases with a small grain of salt.
  4. The Bimota is here, and it truly is amazing. There's a DB7 down the street at FX powersports on the floor next to scooters and sachs bikes :? They've sold a few of them already. Heard them them start one up the other day and it's a beast! I want!
    They are also stocking the DB5R, DB5S, DB6, DB6R, Tesi-3D. Everyone of these bikes make me drool :grin:
  5. Mmm, Tesi. Single-sided front swingarm is <3. (Who needs a turning circle?)
  6. Nuh uh.

    It's a hub-centre steering arrangement, it's two-sided and it would be f*cken awesome to ride. It also costs about $50k. Struth.
  7. omg I cant wait to see a a testi 3d on the road....

    omg that sounds totally wrong!!

    wat I would give to try on the track
  8. Oops, yeah, hazy memory. :oops:

    MotorcycleUSA did a 'First ride' of the Tesi a year and a bit ago, over here, which is where I first saw it. :)