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2008 Adelaide to Philip Island for MOTOGP

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by VTRAffair, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. Hi guys, I've bought my ticket and booked accommodation, now all I need to do is figure my way there.

    I have not been able to get the leave from work I wanted, so will probably be making the trip leaving Adelaide at about 4pm on the Thursday night.

    What I'm wondering is which way I need to go with a few things to be considered.

    The highway range on the storm is about 160km at best before my light comes on, so I need a route that will have service stations at at least those sorts of intervals, the whole way, and due to the time I will be traveling, how many of these are likely to be available at that time in the morning?

    I'm also looking at the shortest distance I can, so I'm not riding until 6am the next day.

    If anyone has made the trip like this before, any light you can shed will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Does anyone know which way to go to bypass melbourne on the way to the island.
  3. Use Western Hwy..Ringroad, Citylink. Monash Fwy...still free for bikes...through the tunnel...but try and plan around peak hours.

    Still be the quickest way through. Options of turning left onto Ringroad to the Calder Fwy..or, which I usually use, right onto Ringroad and use the Geelong Fwy

    To check the fuel range....carry 5l and ride until it runs dry. Then you know how far you can go on a tank, and how far after you light comes on. I'm suprised the 'storm only goes 160kn before reserve.
    Must have a small tank then?
  4. Go SthEast through geelong and catch the ferry that goes from Queenscliff to Sorrento. http://www.searoad.com.au/ Then go from Sorrento to the island.
  5. Just make sure you're less than 5L worth of fuel from the nearest servo when it runs dry! :LOL:
  6. Ay, GG and cookee I may just have to try that :D It's only a 16 litre tank, and the two biggest carbs honda ever fitted to a bike, so it leaves a little range to be desired.

    So far been trying to use google earth to map out my route.

    Starting from Adelaide it seems easy enough, not sure on a few distances though, not sure how to make Google earth show them.

    Adelaide 4pm
    Murray Bridge 5pm
    Keith 7pm
    Nhill 9pm
    Ararat 11pm
    Bacchus Marsh 1am
    Cranbourne 2am
    Philip Island 3am

    So far, these stops all seem to be in range, and the times are a little conservative at the beginning but soaked up towards the end, but the roads look easy enough to find, It's all major highway type stuff.

    Google maps is pretty cool, that shows the distances and estimated travel times as well.

    864 km – about 11 hours 42 mins
  7. It's going to take as long as it takes, but 1 hour from Bacchus to Cranbourne is a little optimistic, unless you're planning to lose your licence. 1.5 hours is probably more on the money for that leg.

    Also, beware, the Western Ring Road, Westgate Bridge and the tunnel all have fixed, operating speed cameras if you use any/all of them.

    Butz. :beer:
  8. Aye thanks for the heads up butz. Yeah, the times are a bit optimistic at the Melbourne end, but were way pessimistic upon leaving Adelaide where the limit is 10k's higher. I fully intend for it to just take as long as it takes.
    Cheers again.
  9. All of these would have 24 hour service stations wouldn't they?

    Anyone know for sure?
  10. Should be able to ring them / check on their websites.

    160kms to a tank when on the freeway? That can't be right, even for an older storm?!
  11. Yeah I know, haven't really had the opportunity to give it a full run on a freeway to find out, 160 to reserve leaves me about 180 max I reckon, and if it's more then yay for me, no chance of running out :D
  12. Thank you, that is awesome.
  13. You shouldn't have any problems with fuel on the way... I did the Adelaide to Melbourne trip recently and there's plenty of 24hour stations on the western highway

    Off the top of my head our stops were Adelaide -> Tailem Bend -> Keith -> Bordertown -> Kaniva -> Horsham -> Halls Gap (not part of your route) -> Ararat -> Ballan -> Melbourne... I'm pretty sure all of them were 24 hour stations.

    Considering you're doing the trip in one big go by the time you get into Victoria you'll probably feel like stopping at every servo that's open at night anyway.

    I highly recommend the RAA strip maps and the Hema Adelaide to Melbourne map... you can't go wrong!
  14. Bcchus Marsh is a fairly small country town, farming community, be very surprised if they have a 24 hour servo... so suggest a fuel stop in Geelong or just of there before hand.
  15. thanks guys, thats exactly what I'm after. I've never even actually driven that trip before so Have no idea what to expect. I'll try and avoid having to stop at bacchus, but I'm pretty sure buttitch is right, and I'm gonna be stopping for cans of red bull at every opportunity. :LOL: