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2008 1000cc superbike track and road test

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pro-pilot, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Nice little vid...anybody else see the 'blade taking the honours from a mile off? If the aftermarket crew can do something about the hideous exhaust/bellypan, it'll be on my short list.
  2. I've gotta say, I always feel a bit parochial about the Blade, and I reckon this year's is an absolute cracker. Hanging out to ride it.
  3. the suzuki has pretty much been top dog since 2001. its a real shame to see it last.

    good vid, wheres the street one?
  4. Keep it open after its finished, it comes up automatically.

    Saw a gix 1000 up close the other day and I didn't realise that it was so HUGE looking. Zx10s I've seen look like 50cc scooters in comparison.

    I'll still take the 05 zx636 anyday :cool:
  5. hehe thats my current dream bike too.
  6. Very nice bikes!

    I can't post URLs, click the "Browse More Vids" button in the player and you can watch both the street and conclusion vids.
  7. What happened with the MV Augusta it was in the garage at the start i wounder how it stacked up against the rest.
  8. Thank JEBUS it was last, progress progress!

    Few year old 600s are starting to look porky next to the new litres :grin:
  9. Nice vid, but i'd still say that the bikes are so ridiculously close to each other that its just each persons opinions on looks.

    Strangely, some other reviews I've read have said the new zx10 is so much comfier then the competition.