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2008/09 VTR1200F Fire Storm

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by doonx, May 5, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

    angry looking things isn't she !
  2. Savage in black!!! I take it it has the exhausts routed into one silencer under the tail???
  3. Cool Fireblad...I mean Firestorm!! The 'Storm fairings look nice on the 'Blade.
  4. Thats HAWT!!!!!!
  5. hey Vic - went to New World Honda today ;)
  6. Hot, but I'm pretty sure this is just Raptors Photoshop, not an official picture. Mind you, sometimes they do hit pretty close to the mark and I hope this is one of those times because it sure looks damn good!
  7. Hot, yes. But what has changed on it apart from athsetics [sp]?
  8. Shame Honda has just announced it has discontinued the VTR1000F and the CBR1100XX for Australia in 2008.

    The last stock available is what is currently in the country, once that is gone, that's it...

  9. soo doonx did they say this was likely to be a reality?
  10. ummm no. Quite the contrary actually. They said that the 2006 VTR100F Fire Storm and the 2006 CBR1100XX Blackbird (both current models) will be the last of their kind. Both models have been discontinued :(

    It seems the pic I posted above is (as suggested) a Raptor Photoshop mock up, an "Artists Impression"

    Sorry guys.
  11. :( you will paydearly for getting my hopes up doonx :LOL: i wish it were so, hmmm do i feel a project coming up for my firestorm?
  12. me too, sort of.

    I know that the VTR and BB have been discontinued. My next bike would be either a 1,100cc V4 if they ever get around to doing something serious with the VFR, or perhaps a V5, ala RC211V sports tourer, or maybe something for the 1200cc rule change to world supers if it goes ahead.

    A VTR11/1200 with modern bits and pieces in both sports touring and sports bike guises would be great. But will it happen?

    What rumors abound that may take the place of the two discontinued bikes?
  13. I can't say I've heard any rumours, but I'd imagine it'd be some upgraded hyper-sports tourer to get back at the Suzuki and Kwaka for the 'Busa and ZX14 respectively. The BB seems to sell pretty damn well so I think Honda would be foolish not replace it with something similar but upgraded.
  14. oh not good news for the big twins with the firestorm gone, hopefully other manufacturers don't follow in the same footsteps.... would be a huge lose if they stopped marking the big twins :cry:
  15. Nice photo chop done there

    I'm a former Firestorm owner and loved the bike

    If that was to hit the market I'd buy one in a heartbeat

    that jus sex on wheels.

    Shame there getting rid of the big twin :(
  16. If you want a faired VTR, there's always the SP2...

    /btw, mjt57, :LOL: @ "RC211V sports tourer" :LOL: