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2007 ZX10R New bling

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by bambam_101, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Hey,

    I ordered a set of Akrapovic cans for the 10 last week and they turned up today. Also, she had her first service today. Soon as I got home, straight to the garage and on they went! Took about an hour and a half including smokos but theyre all done. Had a K&N filter put in whist being serviced also.

    HOLY FU#$ING JESUS!!!! I knew she was quick but the last week or two Ive been feeling that she had lost a bit of pull.. NOT ANYMORE!!!! The service made a bit of a difference, mainly making the bike feel smoother and tighter but soon as the pipes were on, took off for a quick blast down to the beach and the difference was staggering!! She pull FU#$ING hard from the lights now and the doughy low down grunt of the ZX10 has been fully restored! And then some!!! I thought they would make a little bit of a difference but had never imagined this! And the sound......that sweet akra sound.....

    Anyways, charging the digi cam at the moment to post up some pics but just thought id share my thoughts!! Still got adrenaline shakes right now....

    Also, im amazed at how quick purchasing things from the US is. I literally clicked the "buy now" button last monday at about 11pm. They turned up this after noon at 4. 7 day turn around from the states!! Not bad. Got quoted $2000 for the same pipes to buy locally and by all means, i would love to support local companies but for $1100 AUD shipped, its pretty hard to pass up.




  2. They look hot!
    Is that a full system or slipons
    Where/which site did you get them from?
  3. Looks the goods now mate.. :twisted: Its so easy to order ex the states (when they send it that is :evil: ) And isnt it amazing how much difference they make. Now you need to get the PC111 with a custom map to suit your mods. Then you will really feel the benefits.. :twisted:
  4. Yeah! I was expecting a slight difference in power but nothing like this! Its almost violent in its power delivery now. I loooooove it!! A PCIII is on the way. Just waiting for pay to come through at the moment.

    I ready that you got ripped off from the States before Blue14, that was playing in the back of my mind when I ordered the pipes. Big sigh of relief when the courier came!! Wont hesitate to buy stuff from Starcycle again!
  5. Verra, verra noice!
  6. looks the good!

    +1 Starcycle, great honest seller. :grin:
  7. :shock: Oh yeah!
  8. The bottom end really comes alive i reckon. When you are ready for PC111 give dynoverks a buzz, Dean knows his stuff..
    And yes i got ripped, but that hasnt changed my mind about buying from the states..
    As for starcycle they are spot on.. Did i put you on to them ??
  9. Nah blue, i just came across Starcycle myself. Good old ebay! I was expecting more top end pull from the cans but yeah, the bottom end has really come to life!

    Spoke with Dynoverks the other day and i think i will go thru them. Other places ive spoken to have just been running off post tune power figures they reckon they can get me. Im sure they could these figures but at what cost to the longevity of the engine i dont know.

    Dynoverks on the other hand, came straigh out and told me that sometimes they dont increase power. They just get a good A/F ratio for the bike which more often than not results in more power, occasionally less, but guaranteed that the bike will be much smoother and much more responsive. Far more convincing than the standard "oh yeah man, well get ya 200 kagilawatts at the rear wheel!" from other places! :grin:
  10. They look the seks, and I'm sure they sound even better!
  11. They look great. :)
    Wish I could afford a pipe..
  12. I remember telling someone about Starcycle.. :? Anyway thats why i liked Dynoverks, they are honest and tell you what the real deal is, not what you want to hear. You will notice the bottom to mid range become very smooth once you get the PC done..
  13. Yeah im noticing now that the bottom end, although much more grunty, is kinda twitchy and aggressive. Even changing from first to second gear is quite jerky. Before it wasnt. It was quite smooth. Its almost like the throttle has an on/off rather than a progressive feel to it now.
  14. Custom map will certainly sort that out for you.. The 12 was more like what you are describing.. The 14 didnt really have the problem..
  15. There is something strangely arousing about akrapovics...congrats on the new cans mate they look the shit! :biker:
  16. Cheers Keith!
  17. not to further piss in your pocket but that does look awesome. love untertail pipes

  18. SWEET!!! Do they come in Chrome too?

    Where the hell do you find this shit Kish? (the wheels)

    About the butterflies, need more info!!! How much, what do they do? What difference do they make?

    Cheers mate
  19. Well,

    Had today off and decided to take the gumby down to the bike shop and get her dynoed. Wanted to see what she was doing before i fitted a PCIII and as it turns out, the mechs think I dont need a PCIII as my A/F was pretty good through out the range!

    Pretty happy with the results. Didnt end up gettting the PCIII. Instead, bought a new Shift leather jacket, Alpinestars SMX4 boots, Oggy Knobs and a few other bling bits for the bike. Also ordered Pazzo levers and a braided brake line set while i was there! Fuggen expensive day!!! hehe, also getting the rims polished next week too!! I looove tax return time!!!

    It reads to me to be 176rwhp but he has written 178 for some reason. Only mods so far are the Akra slip ons and the K&N airfilter.

  20. You have been on a huge spending mate, awesome stuff. :twisted:

    Good result, although for some reason Dyno Dynamic machines tend to read higher than the Dynojet machines. I am also not really sure if they give accurate a/f ratios, thats from my experience anyway, so be aware of that. My 12 read 180rwhp on a Dynamic machine then when i had it remapped at Dynoverks it read 172rwhp.. :?

    Would be intresting to see what Dynoverks machine reads..