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2007 Z750 mod pics-**new pics**

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by zoot, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. Heres 3 pics of my Z. Not the best pics but you get the idea. Its got:

    Leo Vince pipe
    Renthal streetfighter bars
    CRG lane splitter bar ends
    Ermax hugger
    fender elim
    little indicators on rear

    Got a Ermax belly pan & front indicators to go.



  2. another 1
  3. Nice Bike mate !!
  4. Zoot,

    Sweet looking bar ends mirrors you got there!

    Mind if I ask how much are they and where you got them from?

    Nice work!
  5. Very, very nice bike mate. :)
  6. That pipes looks pretty awesome mate.
  7. Hey Zoot, I meet you at Sydney City at the so called maintaince course. Said it then, and I'll say it again, looks very nice mate!
  8. Nice ride u got there. I got the exact same model! :cool:
    How do you find the LV zorst?

    I was tossing up between that and the Mivv GP for weeks. Ended up ordering the Mivv. Hasn't arrived yet. Hope I made the rigth choice cos the LV looks sweet. Thought the sound clips of the LV I heard online sounded a bit, well, umm, different... What are they like in person?

    Have you thought about a lower fairing?
  9. Thanks for all the positive responses

    KT- The CRG's were not cheap, ended up costing me over $200 to get them delivered from the US . I don't recall where I exactly got them from , but there are a number of places selling them online for similiar prices. I love them & use the folding feature every day when I am commuting. They are a quality product for sure

    Hi LKC73 how you going!! yeah I can't say I learnt a lot that nite , but it was a laugh to meet some people, check out some bikes & drink a couple of free cokes! ha ha

    hey Mario, I gotta say I am very happy with teh LV zorst. I spent ages tossing up what to get , listening to them online etc. And I didn't wanna pay tooo much . In teh flesh the LV looks much better than I thought it would & the sound is great, especially teh crackle on the over run, have had lots of people ask about it after hearing it . If you take out the DB killer it is far too loud though, just silly loud. I am very happy with it . I was also thinking about the Mivv so will be keen to hear how it goes.

    I have a belly pan at home waiting to go on, I am having trouble fitting it , it came with crap instructions & I am no great mechanic, so hopefully it will be on soon & I will post some better pics of the Z all finished up ! :)
  10. Looks great! I want it! :D
  11. Can't wait to see the pics of the bellypan. I've also been keeping an eye out for one of these too.

    Will def give some feedback on the Mivv one I get my hands on it. Should be any day now. Not that I'm counting or anything like that!

    Soz, forgot to ask last time,... How difficult was it to remove the cables that actuate the butterfly in the stock muffler?

    Oh, and do you find the seat effing hard? I swear mine's got concrete under that vinyl covering.
  12. Great choice of mods, man. Bike looks the business.
  13. Z750 pics-**new pics with belly pan **

    have now fitted belly pan , just need to get rid of the front indicators.



  14. looks hot with that belly pan mate