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2007 Z1000/Z750

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by xoraak, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. raptors and rockets have posted 'official' pics of the new z1000 for next year... yum yum YUM! :twisted: some info on the z750 as well.


    details here if you're interested: http://www.raptorsandrockets.com/News/2007_Kawasaki.htm

  2. Looks fantastic.

    I hope Honda get a dog up themselves and produce a decent update to the big Hornet soon. The Kwaka and Fazer look great but the Fazer's injection and gearing need sorting and Kawasaki don't have a big enough presence here to make parts cheap.

    A Hornet thou with sporty suspension, badass brakes and a frame that can handle harder riding... That's what I''m hangin' out for!

    Or maybe I'm just a hopeless Honda fan.
  3. Yep your a hopeless Honda fan

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Hey Scummy even you can't argue that that is a BRUTAL looking piece of machinery.

    I mean it's got a Buels geometry but a real engine.
  5. i hate the orange but love everything else about it.
  6. It's going to be very hard not to want to upgrade once that comes out. The current Z is awesome, the new Z looks even better!
  7. Back to the 70s - it's in orange and wearing flares!
  8. zx10r engine, petal discs, pity about the fugly radiator shrouds and megaphone pipe!
  9. is that an exhaust or a trumpet??
    Seriously it looks awesome
    If I wasn't a Hornet girl, I'd get a z750.
    Dad's starting to lean more towards the z1000 now too.
  10. Man, they've styled like the er650n.

    looks like the designer spilled his ink on the page. Or got on the piss and ralfed on it.

    And that pipe. Well, that's not gunna age is it?
  11. The real question is "where's the Z1400?" :).
  12. It looks awesome, EXCEPT for the pipe.
  13. Dog's breakfast.
    Pipes as mentioned look awful. Seat cowl is just a carry over. The ER6N inspired indicators just look cheap and tacky.
    All those aside it has a lot of nice touches. Like the petal brakes and fancy calipers or the engine covers.
    Personally I wouldn't buy one.
  14. Looks like a pregnant Superduke.. :?

    Still, replace the pipes, and I'd buy it.. (If I had money..)
  15. It's a Kawasaki - like it. Prefer the current Z though, the middle of this Z seems a bit more cluttered.

    The pipes are horrendous. What would be wrong with the Buell style underbelly exhaust ala ER6?
  16. It's a nice aggressive design, but I think it'll date really quickly.

    And that exhaust - aarghhh!!!

    Maybe a black one with an aftermarket pipe...