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2007 yamaha vino 125 Starting problem.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by YammyBase, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    I have trouble starting my 2007 yamaha vino 125. Before I tow this baby to the stealership I would like to have a go fixing it.

    Below is a video of what happens..
    This was 5th time I've tried to start the scooter with no luck.. and the problem is consistent every time.
    I have been using it for daily commute to work and back till 3 days ago.

    -First, it starts for 2 sec.
    -It will die no matter how much I twist the throttle.
    -I press the start button again.. engine sounds like its turning over but not starting.
    -after awhile I can smell cab overflowing with petrol.
    -battery dies

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  2. air, fuel, spark...
    - air filter not blocked?
    - fuel, have you recently filled up with E10?, jets blocked or water in bottom of carb? slides not sliding?
    - spark.. pull and check/clean spark plug, check/wiggle connections. can you pull the spark plug lead and see if it creates a spark (to ground) while trying to start?

    edit: electric choke issues?
  3. hello,
    -filter: will check.
    -E10: nop, always fill up with 95.
    -Jets&Carb: will check.
    -spark: will check..
    -elec choke: will check...

    I've read on other forum that it might be an issue with Capacitor discharge ignition (CDI) .. so will check that too.
  4. yup CDI is next step.
    checking connections and if spark comes from lead should tell you if CDI is regularly firing
  5. Thank you sir. Looks like I've got myself a wee little weekend project :)
  6. Spark check will give you an idea on the CDI functionality.

    Beaten to the punch again, You are quick tonight oldcorollasoldcorollas :)
  7. oh, does it have a vacuum operated fuel valve? I'd be checking that too.. or even bypassing it temporarily to see if the carb is being starved.
    that it starts for a second or two, means there may be a little bit of fuel in the carb, but once that goes..there's nothing and can't start again.
    you could also squirt a little fuel (a few mls) into the carb and see if it starts again

    CJ, procrastination is the key! :p
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  8. This suggests you are flooding the engine....choke or blocked air filter problem?
  9. Yes it does have a vacuum operated petcock. An avenue of investigation as you said.
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  10. I've got a bike with a vacuum operated petcock - starting it on PRIME (fully and constantly open) should not flood the engine. Control of the fuel entering engine through the carburettor is a function of the float valve. I'd be looking there, and other easy places first. Like, Draining the float bowl, catching the liquid (inspect, does it contain water?) If there is a fuel filter, is it blocked? Pull a sample of fuel from the very bottom of the tank with a syringe and a long hose - does it contain water, debris? There is no indication in the early post of whether the bike had been sitting for a while. This is relevant.

    The fact it starts and runs, even for a short time, tends to suggest it is not the CDI - usually CDIs just die - no spark, at all.

    My guess would be a sticking float valve, or possibly a blocked pilot air circuit. (this is a screw on the side of the carburettor) Occasionally someone will turn one of these all the way in thinking it should be tight. This admits air to the mix, and effects idle speed and low speed running particularly. If it is wound all the way in, a bike will not idle or run well at all at low revs. Typically these are 2 - 2 1/2 turns out from fully seated (be gentle).
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  11. Thank you sir I will note this down.
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    Have you looked at the spark plug? Where a spark plug is starting to carbon up, it may fire and run weakly but wet up and stop playing altogether, then if it sits for a while, it might do the same thing. This can be caused by contamination of the insulator down in the plug. The gradual effect is hardly noticeable, until it gets hard to start, due to a weak spark. It might be that simple. A new Spark Plug is not such a silly idea, relatively cheap, and easy to try.

    Always chase the simple things first. Don't turn any more spanners than you might have to.
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  13. ok will check that this weekend. thanks for the tip.
  14. If there is rubbish in the carb hitting it a few times very carefully with a lump of wood/plastic can help. Another tactic I heard tell of involves disconnecting the tank, starting and twisting the throttle to keep it going till the carb runs completely dry and it stops. A combination of said worked for me when my carbs made a mess.
  15. Thanks guys. I looked at most parts mentioned. It turned out to be CDI. Replaced it with 2nd hand one and its all good now.
    Cheers guys
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    Bad luck CDIs tend to be fairly robust in general. Glad you are mobile again.
  17. yea. it was the last thing I had it mind too. Thanks for your comments
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