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2007 Yamaha R6 {Black}

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by oohsam, May 2, 2011.

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  1. Hi Guys,
    I'm sellin' my R6!
    Its got 9,514 k's. Comes with a leather tank bag.
    Tinted visor
    Flush mount indicators
    Slim line mirrors
    Removed decals.
    Rear Seat Cowl
    and thats all the mods really!

    Asking $7,500.

    I've dropped the price. Looking for a quick Sale. Not going to do the RWC for that price. If you want me to get the RWC its gonna cost more because I need to take a day off work, and I dont get paid for taking days off!
    its RWC but just need the fender eliminator swapped out to the stock ugly fender (takes 10 mins)
    I will provide the stock rear fender.
    It has a new rear tyre so no issues there either.

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  2. Price Dropped to 7500...pretty cheap!
  3. Hmmm!! Very tempting but I want thinking of buying another until I got back for OS in October. I'd have to put it in storage so it's hard to justify.

    Would you consider selling it cheaper without rego?
  4. Hey dude.
    Probably not. The bike is reg'd under my company name so rego is a tax-deduction/business expense.
    Having the bike reg'd or unreg'd doesn't really affect the price of the sale for me. If ya know what I mean.
    I dropped the price for a quick sale, as is, with or without rego... Am happy to get the RWC but i'll have to charge for my time away from work..which is not cheap!...

    Have not seen any R6's close to this price with this year/kms so even if you had to pay 600 for rego ontop of this, its still a ripper price.

  5. your boss bought you a bike? where do you work...
  6. hahah Kind of yes.
    I am my boss!! - company vehicle ;)
  7. very nice!
  8. Mate,
    I'll look after it for you during your absence overseas (y)
    Awesome bike dude !
    Best of luck with the sale... a very tempting bike/price indeed !!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.