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2007 Yamaha R1

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by koma, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. MCNEWS.com.au have released some of the first photo's and details of the new 2007 R1. Mixed opinions on the styling... i'm reserving judgement until i see one in the flesh.

    "Six-pot radial brakes with 310mm discs, new inverted swingarm, slipper clutch on base model, new four valve per cylinder engine with chip controlled throttle and electronically adjustable induction stacks mounted above the throttle bodies that move to ensure optimum velocity of the intake charge. Spunky new instruments and a very R6 look to the bodywork. Frame is new and Yamaha are claiming 180hp at 12,500rpm from their new weapon or 189hp with ram air assistance. Clearly more than the minor update that most expected for 2007..."

    MCNEWS 2007 Yamaha R1 Gallery

    Also on the rumour mill is the successor to the R7, oddly enough spurred into flight supposedly because of the new 800cc MotoGP machines. Not sure if there's any truth in the rumours but that'd certainly be a bike that i'd go for!
  2. The 2005 model looks betterer :eek: .. what's with that bolt-on outer fairing ? Seems like an afterthought.
  3. isnt the 07 R1 on the yamaha site already? (im probably wrong)
  4. I think the 6-pot brakes are a bit of a gimmick. Manufacturers introduced them around 2001? then realised they could get the same performance with 4-pot radials, not to mention saving weight.

    With current superbike brakes, you can do an endo only using 1 finger, why add weight (unsprung too) and mass if it's unnecessary?

    Tail end looks nearly identical to the R6, not to mention the forward-thrown side fairings ala R6 too.
    The undertail exhausts look bulky and thrown-together.

    The headlights look to have gone back a few years, along with the dash which looks like something Honda would release.

    In case you havent figured it out by now, I dont like it at all. The 04-06 R1's had style, this looks like a butchered photochop come reality.
  5. Nice bike, I like it, very sharp. Still we will have to see how much.
  6. When you've already sold anything that might be remotely useful in normal street riding, and have already forced several racing mods onto the street as well, what are you going to do next when the market expects something new every year?
  7. I like it, but I much prefer the red-black color scheme.

  8. *Yawn*

    shuffled the deck of cards again I see ;)
  9. I like it more than the old one. I want a loan :laughs: