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2007 Yamaha R1 STOLEN :( North Fitzroy, VIC *update 9-12-08*

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by AshR1, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. Man I'm #@!$!#ing pissed.

    Just went out this morning and my bike and bike cover is gone.

    :( still furious.

    If anyone's seen it? GE 524 is the rego.

    That was my baby :( if anyone's seen it please let me know.

    Police have been contacted, so I guess I'm going to have to wait for the reference number and sort out insurance.
  2. man that sucks. I'd be completely and utterley ropable right now too. Sorry to hear, i hope they find your bike and cut the balls off the c@#% that stole it!
    Is it just me or do there seem to be more bikes stolen in victoria than anywhere else or atleast nsw? correct me if im wrong but it just seems that way.
  3. that sucks ass! i was just looking at big bike chains to anchor my bike down with ..

    maybe a little more info, what area was it in?
  4. yeah sorry forgot location.

    north fitzroy, victoria (I've edited op with that)

    yeah they took the bike cover and everything. guess it's easier to hide a bike if it's already covered.

    yeah only thing I could have done is got a chain to a pole that was about 3 meters from the bike over a garden bed..... :(

    have to do that for next bike
  5. Woohoo! New bike. Something about R1s, those things are thief magnets. The c&nts will be looking out for your insurance replacement too. Garage?
  6. Bad luck. Might be something to do with R1s, but then again it might be North Fitzroy. That suburb owes me two cars and a motorcycle! There were groups of people walking the streets looking for opportunities big and small on a daily basis.
  7. Hey Ash - sorry your bike was taken mate - terrible newds.

    Just for future reference, the home is the most likely place to have a bike stolen. Always run 2 locks and always have both anchored to something that cannot be remove.

    Once again, sorry buddy. I am sure we are all wishing we could do something for you.

    Lets hope it is found soon.
  8. Yeah I'm not holding my breath on that one :(

    was going to pay the rego today too.... :cry:

    But if anyone sees it, (or hears anything) be sure to let me or the police know.

    In the mean time have to call insurance peoples
  9. Well that really sucks - big time.

    Sorry to hear about....

    Funny how gutted you feel when your bike is stolen / damaged - compared to, say your car.

    It's a mystical link between man and beast.

    I too, hope you get it back soon.
  10. Nooo, fark fell sorry for ya mate. That'd be the worst feeling.
    Hope they find it, or the bastards for that matter.
  11. Sorry to hear that dude,

    dont hold your breath. luckily its insured, but at the end of the day, you still lose.

    Good luck
  12. thanks for the well wishes guys :)

    I miss the thursday ride for two weeks at least.

    worst thing is I drove to work today :( in traffic... and had to fill the car as the fuel light came on $60 :eek:

    and now I have to move the car every couple of hours so I don't get a parking fine :( all bad things
  13. Maybe you can try 'pubic' transport?

    I had to for a while. it wasnt pretty but it got me to work. cheaper than coping a parking fine

    Can you give us update on the insurance? I've had to deal with 2 different insurance companies on 3 occasion, and it was like wading through hot larva.
    Slow and painful
  14. poor luck mate, hope your dealings with the insurance company are quick and painless (there can always be a first time)

    after you replace it mate, spend the remainder of the insurance moneys (if there is any) on either a rottweiler and/or a shotgun, then wait for the pricks to come back for the insurance replacement...

  15. Could do PT but I have to go into the city then back out again...

    I'm with Swann insurance, the guy was sad for me that it's gone, and specially when I said I was going to pay the rego today too :(

    But just had to fill out the online claim form and provide the police ref number and they'll contact me when they're processing it.
  16. Incredibly easy to steal bike. (like most)

    Pry bar between the ignition barrel and the frame, and you can just snap off the lock and use a screw driver to start it. takes like 3 seconds.

    Seen it on Youtube but cant seem to find the vids now.. weird.
  17. yeah but immobalisers make screwdrivers useless... :( I'm thinking Van and some guys lifting it
  18. Mate, that is shit news.

    Sorry to hear that some low scum of the earth took your pride and joy.

    Maybe these assholes should try and get a job and earn a living instead of stealing someones elses hard earned possessions..

    Make me sick they do.. :evil:
  19. agree 100%

    I'd much prefer to upgrade when I had a trade in rather than insurance money :( now I'm without a bike.

    any idea when the 09 R1 is released in australia?
  20. I believe March 09.