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2007 Yamaha FZ6n for sale

Discussion in 'Archived' started by brendan03, Jan 23, 2012.

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  1. SOLD!

    Sale pending.

    PRICE DROP #2 - $6,800 is a VERY reasonable price for this bike!


    One owner (me!) and was first registered in 2007. Purchased from Yamaha City and always serviced there (with the exception of this weeks road worthy and service).

    It's ALWAYS been garaged and is extremely clean. Has a tiny blemish on the right side seat faring (see pic) from when I lost my footing in a carpark and had to lay the bike on its side. Never been in an accident. Never seen a track. Never raced or redlined. I'm a pretty boring rider given my limited riding skills.

    The facts are:

    Asking: $6,800 with all the extras. Less without - make me an offer.
    Milage: 27,000 km - 99% boring freeway km's.
    Rego: PAID PAID PAID TILL FEB 2013!!
    Condition: Excellent. So clean, never in an accident and just serviced (Jan 17th) with a new rear tyre.
    Road worthy: Yep. Yamaha in dandy will issue the certificate when I need it. Was given the verbal 'ok' during the service.
    Extras: Reflective rim stickers, ozzy knobs & all my gear. I'm not getting another bike, so helmets, jackets, etc are all included.
    Reason for sale: Apparently no one makes baby-seats for bikes.

    Front tyre, chain and sprockets all have plenty of wear left in them (40% or more, I have the mechanics report).

    Come see it in Berwick or I can arrange to ride to work and meet you in Southbank / CBD. Happy to answer any questions.

    PM me for my mobile number if ya want to chat.









  2. Sorry, rather important piece of info to exclude! Looking for $7100 with all the extras, less if they buyer is not interested in those.

    I'll update the original post. Thanks for catching that!
  3. The bike does look good tho, IMO. VERY well maintained.

    Best of Luck. (y)
  4. See if you can edit your original posting and put the price there!!
    nice bike by the way!!
  5. Very nice looking bike. I actually rode past it the other day as I live nearby and thought that colour in the sun looked great. Looking at the photos i probably rode past just after you took them. Best of luck with the sale.

  6. Cheers, I always loved the Orange. When I bought the bike, there were very few left in the country and had to get Yamaha to find one for me - ended up getting it shipped over from Adelaide!
  7. Good luck with the sale mate! I had an 06 model before sliding it down wet tram lines on the Burwood Highway and was very tempted to replace it like for like until I threw my leg over the Super Duke i bought! From someone who HAS given one of these a bit of welly - they're not slow bikes! Definitely my favourite 600cc and that colour scheme is very nice indeed!
  8. Excellent photos. Should be used as an example for any one else planning on selling a bike. Best of luck with the sale and the new family.
  9. Thanks for all the compliments and kind words - sadly still no takers. I've paid the rego now, so it's good till Feb 2013!!

    Can a moderator please update the thread title to reflect it's newly registered status?
  10. Price dropped again. Asking $6,800 before I resort to eBaying it.
  11. surprised this is still for sale, such a nice looking bike
  12. For this price you get a bike that looks like this?? How has it not sold!?
  13. Hoping it is now! Offer pending, thanks for the comments and PM's guys.
  14. fingers crossed for you, man have tried poitning people over here, tis a nice lookin bike, hope the next is nicer!!
  15. Thanks for that, it totally worked! Sold to a fellow NetRider on Saturday. Thanks all, hope ya love it Mike.
  16. hey congrats on the sale and to Mike for suck a nice looking bike!!
  17. Congrats, was keeping half an eye on this as I am off restrictions this week, but glad you sold it and to a netrider as well.
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