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2007 VTR1000 or 2007 ZX10R?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Hondaxr650, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. Im about to purchase a roadbike. Had dirtbikes all my life.
    Choice has come down to "safe" or "all out crazy" lol.
    Choice has come down to 2007 VTR1000,one owner, 6900ks,staintunes.showroom condition,Versus a 2007 ZX10R, 2 owners immaculate,11000ks, Yoshimura exhaust. Im only 37 and don't know which way to go. Im tradionally a honda rider but open to other makes. Thoughts thanks people.
    Uses are, ride to work and a good play with mates out on open roads some weekends.

  2. I owned a firestorm, solid bike but pretty boring for me. I wanted to like it but just didn't. They're a good all rounder but lack excitement and that special feeling that many bikes give.

    So I'd get the Zx10r
  3. That's the way I'm thinking. I need the wow factor. The zx10 will give that.
  4. going straight from dirt bikes to a litre road bike? I'd suggest the VTR.
  5. Did have a varadero many years ago. They have a detuned vtr1000 motor. Went prety well. Wish it was yesterday I rode that bike and remember how it went.
  6. mate whatever you choose you will love. the ZX10 will be more exciting and less comfortable than the VTR, they both sound great so doubt you could make a bad choice out of the two. if it's more commuting with the occasional play then I'd still suggest the Honda. if it's sexy you want then it's Ninja-time.
  7. Was thinking if only I could buy both lol. To have a full on road bike the ninja would be awesome. Am over thinking everything at the moment. They are both quality bikes. But like I said I get one shot at getting the right bike. Got a few days to ponder
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  8. ride them both then you'll know
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  9. #9 Hondaxr650, Mar 29, 2016
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    Yep, going to have to test ride them. Will be interesting to see how they suit me.

    Oh and the ninja is a special edition and looks the part
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    I've had a 2005 vtr for nearly 5 months now and find myself smiling like a dickhead every single time I jump on it. There is absolutely nothing like that v twin sound. It does absolutely everything I want it to. Any speed, any gear, twist your wrist and there's torque forever. The thing is just built for wheelies. I commute daily, rain hail or shine, and the bike cops an absolute flogging, and it's first in line when I'm off for a weekend ride where it cops even more. I can not speak more highly of a vtr1000. It's oldschool, there's massive carbies, a v twin rumble that can wake the dead (in the best possible way), none of this hi tech garbage, just a sweet, simple, raging hulk of a bike. And for comfort, it'll leave the zx10 for dead.

    An 07 storm with 6900kms and staintunes sounds like an impeccable specimen. How much they asking? $7?

    I guess you have to get what you want. But what to do when you don't know what you want... ;-)

    An old friend of mine had a zx10r, I wasn't riding bikes at the time so never got a go on it but in a word, it was fcuking terrifying. I don't know if that's up your alley, but yeah, this bike was absolutely mental.
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  11. #11 Hondaxr650, Mar 29, 2016
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    Mate the VTR experience sounds awesome. Its good to hear from an owner. I do love the sound and honda in general. Past bikes being, varadero, XR650,XR600,CR250 ×2. How much do you get from a tank of fuel. I want to know everything. He's asking $6900 firm. And it's immaculate

    Have heard they are mentally fast. Mmm. License goodbye. Not good
  12. Range is VERY dependant on my right wrist, I've got the 19L tank (everything after 02 here in Aus has the bigger tank), and two examples - I have ridden 248kms and put 16L in back to full, and ridden 120kms and put 15L in. I was belting the shit out of it on the 120km run - Most of those kms were spent on old pacific highway on the high end of the tacho, and a few of them were on the back wheel only...

    Summary, average about 140-180kms on the commute and anywhere from 12-15L to fill, so economy is definitely not the bikes strong point, but if we're comparing to a zx10 I dare you to try and tell me you're going to spend much time away from the redline...

    And as a new fan and utter zealot, there is no sound sweeter than a VTR with staintunes. It's a 10 year old bike and I still struggle to think of any others that can rival it. I'll buy a second one if you turn it down at that price! Give him $6800 and a real good hand shake. You don't want him to get a sore back from a heavy wallet... I havent been riding for many years and I haven't ridden many bikes, but the vtr key that's currently sticking into my leg through these jeans is going to be in my possession for a long while.
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  13. I rode with Steve on some twisties the other week - and can confirm he still smiles like a dickhead when he jumps off it too :whistle:

    You can't go far wrong, still a very sweet bike. Tough call to make, all the best.
  14. You have sold me on a VTR lol. And if it loves the back wheel...that's fine by me. Fuel range is the biggest issue. But I'm never far away from a servo and a coffee. Definitely gotta test ride this bike. Sooner the better. Have you tried two up with it.
  15. What can I say, I'm a happy guy...

    I wish a zx10 owner would say something. This feels awfully one sided.

    I can say that from my experience, I truly believe that if you buy the vtr you will have an absolute blast. The zx10r is probably a much more complete bike - the firestorm was built to a budget and it shows - I don't ride anywhere near the limits of the poor stock suspension of the poor stock brakes, and it's just big and heavy, but it's the most fun I've ever had riding something this big and heavy.

    I don't know what the specs are for a zx10r but I imagine a much more refined and finished bike. Not that the Honda is unfinished, it's just definitely not one of those "no expense spared" race bikes which is a category I always thought the zx10 would fit into, or at least be closer to than the firestorm...
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    Sounds like a fun bike all round. Will definitely be test riding it. The varadero went well but was way heavier. Im thinking seriously about it. Will s
    Yeah zx10 is full on race oriented where the VTR is not track developed. I can always upgrade and tinker with bits. Im sure the Honda can put a smile on my face and surprise my mates. Both on gsxr750's.

    Any zx10 ninja owners out there. Would like some input.
  17. #17 Steve Vtec, Mar 29, 2016
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    The missus is on the back of it all the time, but she wouldn't be 50kg wringing wet in the shade. Rear suspension is easy enough to wind out if you've got someone on the back but I've been reading that if you're 95kg+ then a better spring is in order.

    I dropped my mate home a while ago, he'd be 90kg, that was a very different experience to having the girl on the back. But I'd put that down to me not being too experienced with a passenger. The bike just has infinity torque, the front wheel is light and the back tire wears fast. I got my 05 one at 7600kms (paid $6k and I reckon it was a bloody bargain) and it had new tires on, I'm at 12000 now and they don't look so new anymore... I guess tire wear goes hand in hand with high fuel consumption, so we'll see how long these ones last. They're Pirelli angels but I'd like the next pair of shoes to be a little different. I'm thinking either Rosso corsas or pilot roads similar to what's on my cb400 - those things are bloody great in the wet

    The tinker list is endless. It's such a easy bike to work on too. Common upgrades are cans, braided lines, a shim (6mm seems to be favourite) for the rear shock to raise the back, +2 on rear sprocket with stock chain - shortens wheelbase by mm's and shortens gearing slightly, jet kits, removal of air restrictors, fork brace, the list is massive. I just put braided lines on mine and can't believe I didn't do it sooner. Currently manufacturing a shim for the rear shock, apparently it will help turn in. We shall see... But I bloody love taking to this bike with a spanner, because it's quite primitive it doesn't feel so intimidating like the newer sports bikes
  18. I hear pilot tyres are damm good. And trust me I won't be able to help myself and ride it like I stole it. Good tyres are a must. Im around 110kg so suspension could be a point to consider. Upgrade it to my weight could be done. Got an excellent bike shop close by. Mainly solo rides but my partner would like to have a trip on the back when she's not riding hers. The VTR is adding up. Like what I'm hearing.
  19. Do ittttttt
  20. #20 Hondaxr650, Mar 29, 2016
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    Yeah would definitely be easier to work on. Are the carbies flat slide carbies? You have me thinking now lol. It's already got pipes which is a bonous. Big money there.

    Will definitely let you know how I go. See when I can arrange things. Next few days hopefully if all goes well.