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2007 VTR 250 for Sale

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Greydog, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. #1 Greydog, Jan 29, 2013
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2013
    Yes, I'm finally ready (*sniff*) to sell my VTR250. She has served me well during my learner/LAMS period, and, as I have upgraded, it's time to let her go to a new home.

    2007 VTR250 - one of the best LAMS bikes you can own.
    29663km current odometer reading.
    Purchased from lady owner in Jan 2011 with 2100km on. She didn't ride much due to back pain. Subsequent kms from commuting and fun stuff in the hills.
    Registered until Feb 2014, yes 2014. I've just paid the rego, so that's $450odd you save.
    Heated grips - a must in VIC!
    Tyres, chain and sprockets changed aprox 2000km or so ago. Still excellent condition.
    Fork oil replaced a week ago.
    ETA: 30,000k service already done.
    Maintained/serviced by streetmaster. You can ask him how good this bike is. Never had any trouble with her whatsoever.
    Slight mark on exhaust and very edge of windscreen, but hardly noticable, otherwise in very good shape.
    Can be viewed at either Eumemmerring (near Dandenong), Frankston North (with sufficient notice), or I can bring her to Saturday practice at Elwood.

    $5100. (remember that $450 rego you don't have to pay.... :) )

    I hope someone loves this bike as much as I have.

    ETA: The white marks on the front fender are only on the photo, not on the bike.

  2. Good luck with the sale Greydog.. it's a beautiful example, and as you say it's been well looked after and fastidiously maintained. I'm sure it will be wonderful for it's new owner.
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  3. Great little bike for whoever grabs it.
    Good luck with the sale. (y)
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  4. Good luck with the sale greydog - whoever picks this baby up has nothing to do but ride.....

    Great bike.
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  5. #5 Greydog, Feb 5, 2013
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2013
    I'm not in a desperate hurry. And everything is negotiable.

    Edited to add... The edit button is under your sig, next to your greyed name. FYI :)
    You also need to add a reason for editing in the box.
  6. i hate that reason for editing crap.

    they are indeed an awesome bike... and a lot of the price depends on things like is it due for a service/rego/tyres... cause all that stuff can add to a decent chunk of the bike cost... if you pick up a bike for 4.5k then have to add tyres, a major service with chain and sprockets, and brake kit and a years rego it could easily add $1500-2k to the price....
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  7. What a neat tidy bike, its just a pity the number plate is so knocked about. You can hardley read it.
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  8. Afraid it's my poor photo editing skills.
  9. Really good bike Mandy.Good luck with sale. Hope it goes to a good home.
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  10. Just added that the 30,000k service has already been done too.
  11. Good luck with the sale Graydog hope you get what you want for her and she looks like a real beauty :)
  12. Sold, deposit taken. Hope the new owner enjoys her.

    Thanks to streetmaster for all his help.
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