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2007 vs 2008 WR450F

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by christrails, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Sup,

    I don't know if any of you blokes know if there is any difference between these two models? I am going to look at the 2008 model tomorrow.

    2008 Yamaha WR450F: 1855KMS @ $6,300 (I can negotiate it with him more)
    2007 Yamaha WR450F: 2800KMS @ $5,500

    Should I wait till the 2007 bloke answers his phone or what? I am eager to buy a proper bike, I'm sick of my shitty 250cc pit bike chinese junk.

    Anyway the question is should I wait or not? The bloke is genuine and sounds like a good bloke, he is 15 minutes away from me so its not to far for me to travel, the other one is 1.5 hours+ depending on traffic and cause its school holidays there will be plenty. I know its not that long but I don't want to drive out there and it be a dud bike you know? I drove almost 5 hours for one and it turned out to be f**kin' shit and wouldn't start, tyres etc anyway I'm rambling again should I wait for the 2007 model one?

    I haven't had any luck with him answering my calls or texts :(

    Thanks :)
  2. your choice, depends on the condition of the closer one
    and if you want to see the other one.
    might be good to compare them seeing as they are basically the same

    don't rush into the buy
    give them a real good looking over in the daylight.
    try to get a test ride
    you want the guy that keeps everything maintained (knows his bike)

    These are brutally serious dirtbikes dude, VERY fast.
    they will keep you on your toes, but thats the fun of it hey!
    the 250's are fast too.

    shit i had a measly klx 250 with staintune+carby mods and that was fast
    not race fast, but enough to throw you off the back over gravel uphills.
    when it was revving it would lift the front wheel over sand dunes, while you tried to sit on the tank to weigh it down (with road tyres).
    pulled a speedo indicated 120kph on ANY surface other than soft sand
    135kph on the highway.

    and thats a postie bike compared to the yamaha!

    it kept me grinning until i blew it up (didn't adjust the valves).

    make sure you keep it maintained
    (oil changes/ valves/ bearings/ chain+sprockets)
    these engines are high maintenance
    and cost a fortune if they blow up.
    (about the cost of the bike)
  3. Ok the other bloke who is the 2007 model can't let me see it till saturday, if the 2008 one is in good nick should I just get that one? I am not going to rush into a sale but if the 2008 one is good condition I might just get that one, you know when you get a bad feeling about something? well there was another one but the guy sounded way to eager and it seemed really fishy to me, he didn't know much about it, he wanted cash only, didn't have all the keys and log books etc and I just didn't want to deal with him just in case something happened you know? I just got a weird feeling not to get it from that bloke.

    Anyway I'm rambling but all I'm saying is the 2008 is a year younger, has a bash plate, less kms and is closer. I don't know if I should wait :S I know it could benefit me but if the 2008 one is in good nick should I get it?
  4. has the guy with th 08 model mentioned service stuff to you? mate you sounds as keen as mustard, as above dont rush!! you got the cash, bargaining power for you, show you're too keen and seller may not budge as much.
  5. No he hasn't, unless I forgot, I will ask again when I see him, I am keen to buy, I dropped the price down from $6,700 originally but I think I can go a bit lower, $6,00 maybe but thats it.

    I wont rush, but I have been looking at the WR's for around about 4 months now and they have been selling so fast :(

    Question is, go for this one if its in good nick? I only have a couple days left of holidays till my school starts back up again (I'm in my HSC atm last year baby!)

    also he has no rego, although he has the papers and the plate still. I don't want rego but the rego kinda is an indication that it is his you know?
  6. This may sound silly but you can ride pretty well already can't you? I don't know how many "yea I can ride" have had a flying lesson from my yz426, these things are not for the faint of heart.
  7. I know that, I am not a young "Invincible" type of kid, I am 17, I weigh around 85KG, I am 5"11-12 I know I might have issues with height but I can work around that anyway, I wont be an idiot and not respect the power I have ridden other bikes and I have be flung off the back of one of them, first ride on a YZ450F with FI (god dam was that fast) anyway I got used to it a didn't fall off, trust me when I say I will respect the power, it is my life at risk so I am not going to be stupid about it.

    Thanks for your concern though :)
  8. I don't want to be a nanny and say it will be too fast, and you will have some idea of the power from the YZ450. The WR should have similar power with higher gearing, but this bike will not forgive mistakes with the throttle, it will just throw you away. But maybe i am just used to a 250 where you have to pin the throttle all the time.

    I say don't rush because i just rushed into a buy and missed some hidden damage
    it is your choice too if you want to compare it to the other one or not.

    I can't make the choice for you, but if it looks good it should be okay.
    a bike with that mileage is basically new, UNLESS it hasn't been looked after.

    check the oil, should be plenty in there and it shouldn't be too dark/burnt
    see if the air filter is clean, check the wheel bearings, radiator for dents.

    there is a guide on here in the FAQ's i think about buying bikes, with a section for dirtbikes.

    good luck!
  9. Yeah thanks :)

    It was in top condition, it rode well, it felt good, it looked good ie sprockets, chain, oil, air filter etc. I got him down to $6,000 which is good :) Can't wait to ride it again but have no way to get to it :( I don't have my p's yet, I'm so eager to get them but I was lazy the first year (last year) and didn't drive much until I got in my manual :D It's a bike with a cage XD

    Anyway yeah I ride that faq and printed it out when I was checking out the bike just in case you know.

    Thanks mate! what'd you get btw?
  10. 2003 R6
    quite a fast bike!

    sooner or later i hope to get something for offroad though
    like a two stroke 250, or fix the klx
  11. the wr450f engine is so linear and tame compared to the yz450f that its just so easy to ride around on.

    its not agressive and not really that powerful.

    you'll be fine.
  12. ok :)