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2007 Triumph Speedmaster

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by will_454, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Long time lurker, long time rider, first time poster.

    I have been riding sports bikes for the past few years (raced moto-x previous to that) and recently decided to sell and upgrade from my 07 Hyosung GT250 for a cruiser.. I had the chance to ride my finances dads second bike, a 2001 Honda Shadow ACE 750 for a few weeks over Christmas and got bitten by the cruiser bug. I wanted a bike that would still turn a corner and because the speedy is based on the bonneville platform it does quite well

    So very early next week I will be transporting the new ride down to Adelaide from Brisbane.

    2007 Triumph Speedmaster
    Inline twin 865cc (carby)
    Gloss black
    Slash cut TOR 'shorty' exhausts
    K&N 'freak' intake kit with re-jetted carbs
    Zodiac indicators
    ISO grips
    Custom Guzzler touring seat.

    It will be coming freshly serviced, with a new front tyre and brake pads. Cannot wait!

    Future plans are a solo seat with removable pillion pad/sissy rack, black mirrors and possibly ceramic coated black exhaust.



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  2. Nice bike.

    Love looking at some of those bikes. Thinking of what I'd do to it. Bars, mirrors, mudgaurd.
  3. Fanastic bike, and still can be fun throught the turns. Love mine, sure you will yours. DSC07330-2.
  4. Thanks for the comments guys. Looking very much forward to it... Now to play the waiting game!

    One other thing I would like to do is relocate the rear indicators to the side mounts(for panniers/sissy bar) and chop the rear guard shorter like the new model with an alternate design tail light and side mount number plate.
  5. Nice to see a non-Yammy cruiser here :) - plenty of options for customizing the speedy, so looking forward to some photos.
  6. Sweet ride. I like the classic shape of these.
  7. Congrats mate! Beautiful looking bike! Hope you enjoy it!
  8. Nice, like it.
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    I forgot I made this thread. So far really enjoying it. Great to ride and plenty of power.


    Have put a set of mufflers on order from JC Whitney in the USA they are Emgo 19" cocktail shakers. These will mate with the factory headers (1-3/4") and should add a decent amount of sound. Virtually straight through with a removable/repackable baffle. I will then replace the carb springs, change the needles and go up to 130 main jets (from a 125) and throw it on a dyno for a power run to see how the A/F's are (don't care to much about the power increase).'

    I was also considering the short slashcut which is what I have on the bike at the moment, but a 19" version, however I thought the cocktail shaker suited the Triumph style a bit better.


  10. Good choice.Much better bike all round over the the harley 883cc
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    I have to agree with you, when I was looking I also test rode the Iron 883 and a 1200 Sportster and still preferred the Speedmaster. Here is an updated image with my new Maverick Solo Low Rider Seat installed:



    A couple of updated photos with the new pipe's installed.. it has an awesome note now.. quite brutal around the 4,500-6,500rpm mark.


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  12. It would be interesting to see how it performs against other bikes in the same class ,ie the 883 HD ,Honda 750 etc
  13. My father in-law has a Honda Shadow 750 (2001) and a Kawasaki Vulcan 900 (2012) and the Speedmaster is definitely quicker and handles much much better then both of them. I rode the Honda for about a month before deciding to buy a Cruiser type bike.

    Not sure about the 883, but I have taken on a couple of 1200 Sportsters on and we are usually neck and neck.. so I assume the 865 Speedy would take care of the 883 relatively easy, basically the same size engine and weight (260kg) but push-rod/2 valve vs dual overhead cam/4 valves.
  14. Nice bike, Will, looks so much better with the solo seat and shorter pipes.
  15. Nice Bike enjoy it :)
  16. Thanks guys..

    I'm now working on fashioning up some custom solo peg finishers to remove the rear pegs and brackets. Will probably used aluminium and plasti-dip or paint them black.
  17. very nice ride
  18. Nice bike mate, I have a 2003 America which I'm enjoying a great deal. I'll put up a thread about it shortly.

    Do you know where to get the centre stand shown in your first pics? Looks bloody handy!
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  19. Hey mate, Sorry I don't check this thread often, I'll have a check tonight when I get home and see if there is any branding on it. I came with the bike when I bought it. Definitely handy for chain maintenance, and general working as it holds the bike in a fully upright position.