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2007 Triumph Daytona 675

Discussion in 'Archived' started by MrJimmyC, Nov 16, 2010.

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  1. Graphite Triumph Daytona 675, 2007 Model.

    Bought new from Team Moto Blacktown December 2007. The last graphite 675 sold in Australia
    Registered till 26/06/2011.

    Only 2176km on the odometer. In immaculate condition, always kept in garage and never taken on track. Brand new battery and tyres in perfect condition. Selling due to intended downgrade.

    Accessories included:
    Gel Seat (original seat included, never used)
    Rear seat cover (original pillion seat included, never used)
    Carbon tank guard

    Location: Penrith (Western Sydney)

    Price: SOLD

    Call Jamie on 0405535652

    Attached Files:

  2. mint bike dude - hope she goes to a wicked new owner soon
  3. WICKED. Best of luck

  4. just curious, why did u buy it?
  5. and why is he selling it?
  6. What's the going rate on children? I've got three of my own and I could include the boy's girlfriend as part of a package deal if it meant a few bob extra...

    Very nice looking ride, hope you have luck with the sale.

  7. read holly read

  8. Main reason for selling is I badly hurt my back around 18 months ago. The riding position on the Daytona really doesnt allow me to ride comfortably anymore because of this so I havent been able to ride it since apart from a handful of short commutes to work (~5km).

    Ive been holding on to it in the hope that my back got better but its not looking likely so I've figured its time to pass her on to someone who can give her some attention and get more enjoyment out of her than I can.

    I'm intending on "downgrading" to something a bit less sporty with a bit more upright riding position.
  9. ahhh thats a shame mate, sorry to hear that, probably best to get a cruiser with a back rest
  10. it was at the end of a sentence. i was skim reading. just... just leave me alone damnit! :'(
  11. I truly feel for you in having circumstances out of your control influence your riding choices as I'm in a similar bind, I can at least take comfort in the knowledge that the bikes I might be able to ride (still healing) are, for the most part, those that I want to.
  12. This is a great deal, such low mileage and in great nick. It shouldn't take long for someone to snap it up... in fact i'm sending this page to a mate right now
  13. Just as an update I just put 6 months rego on the bike as it was almost up so its now registered out till 26th June.
  14. Beautiful machine. Can't believe it hasn't been snapped up yet.
  15. Bike sold today. Now the hunt begins for my new ride :)
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