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NSW 2007 Suzuki GSXR 600 track bike

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by Lionz, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. Right, here's the ad going on the normal bike sale sites next week. I'll float it here for a week beforehand in case anyone's interested.
    If you are, pm me for a Netrider member price as I wont put that up here. Those of you that have seen the bike know what it is. I'm selling as a complete package preferably.

    GSXR 600 2007 (not a write off but I doubt anyone’s going to put it on the road ever). 14,000k’s.

    Campaigned in 09/10 and been a private track bike ever since. Bills totalling $6K in track prep from back in the day. PC and dyno tune / custom map by Sydney Dyno ($1095). Fork revalve kit, ohlins springs, rear shock racetech by zenodamper ($1523). Ported machined by Rams Head Service ($826), Invoices from Action motor Group for $2552.

    Bike has Power Commander, Annitori Quickshifter PRO , braided lines, some GB case protection, straight through headers - cat removed, micron, brand new 520 chain just fitted, fresh Silkolene Comp 4 oil, etc. Not tracked since freshen up. Goes like it’s been shot in the arse.

    Bike was stripped to rolling chassis and taken to Alderton’s and checked when I purchased ($300). Completely straight. Two low sides since then and current fairings have been reglassed and resprayed. Currently running R10's rear probably good for another couple of sessions at least if you're not too heavy on the gas, the front longer.

    A reliable, quick, fun track bike. Handles great.


    Complete set of undamaged fairings, professional paint, white ($450)

    Spare straight f+r rims/rotors/sprocket/cush ($750)

    Rear axle bolt/spacers/adjusters ($30)

    (New, unused) Arashi rear sets ($155)

    (New, unused) Race/track pads ($140)

    (New, unused) Afam -1fr/+2rear Sprockets ($100)

    Spare Micron slip on ($150)

    Riders seat ($50)

    (New, unused) Spare levers $40

    Used slicks, 2 fr/1rear ($100)

    Odds n sods: Spare belly pan (black), rear ducktail supersport fairing (black), clip on, clutch plates, engine casing, windshield, gear shift rod, T-Rex frame sliders, old pads with meat, printed workshop manual, printed parts manual, receipts & whatever else I can find in the shed.

    Bike $5750 Spares $1950 (individual). Total $7700.00.

    Complete package for sale $6950.00

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  2. Did the dyno tuner get a power figure out of it? Was the head work done before or after the tune? Also, the exhaust, is it a full micron system or is just a micron slip-on with standard headers? Does it have braided brake lines? Any engine case protectors and lock wiring done?

    I am interested, just got a bunch of questions, haha. Where are you located?
  3. JashdownJashdown dyno tuning was done well before my time, as was the head work - i just have the historical receipts. That would have been done 09/10 from memory and I got the bike late 2013. Micron slip on only. Headers standard with the cat removed and mid pipe welded in place. Braided lines are Goodrich. One right hand side GB case protector. 'Some' lock wiring - like caliper bolts, oil filter, oil filler cap.

    I'm in Forestville 2087 if you want to view. Cheers.