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2007 Suzuki GS500F - Anyone?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mr_sikma, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    I had never noticed these bikes until today when I seen one and was offered the chance to ride one!

    I rode the non-fairing version as that was the demo model and thought it was a pretty nice bike. (although i dont have much experience)

    I was looking at a baby baby blade - the new 125r, but after seeing someone on one today and not being able to get a ride on one due to the dealers not having enough, I am having doubts about it.

    The story is that I just got my R-Date licence and have 12mnths to go on restrictions. I have been riding a 50cc skoota for the past 3yrs. I dont really plan on upgrading in 12mnths when i get my full licence, if i like the bike i have.

    From what I have read i would get a bit bored on the 125 pretty quickly.

    I didnt give the GS500 a whole lot of stick, but it felt like it had a bit of power and would be alot quicker than the CBR125. But alot of people on here are saying they are very slow? Compared to what?

    Also i have read that they go for ever pretty much, so buying a 2nd hand model with lowish kms shouldnt be a drama?

    Brand new with ORC's will cost me just under $8k

    Let me know


  2. Compared to sports bikes, and to bikes with twice the capacity - yes, they are probably slow. They are fast enough for road riding and definitely faster than 125cc. If your licensing rules allow you to jump straight on 500cc, forget about silly CBR125 which is designed for European learners, not for our conditions. Go GS500 - no contest!

    Especially if you think you might keep the bike for a while.
  3. So a cruising speed of 130-140 shouldnt be a hassle?

    And decent enough acceleration to get off the lights fairly quick?

    Only problem now is insurance is going to be a killer!
  4. Gs500 slow, bullshit ! i had one and it got up to 190+ easily.
    I even took on an a R1 at the lights , dont know what i was thinking really.
    Anyway we took off all the way to 180km/h and the r1 was only about a good length ahead, so unless you plan on racing it the gs is ample quick.
    Plus good resale value.
  5. The GS is an absolutely bulletproof design with proven reliability - not something that can be said of a Thai-built CBR125.

    Performance in terms of hp/litre certainly isn't near a modern supersports but when you consider it is an old, air-cooled, twin-valve engine it's not too bad - the plus side being good fuel economy. Only real downside is that you're going to pay more for rego and insurance compared with a 250 which puts out the same amount of power (though with less torque and a shorter engine life). Basically think of it as a 250 that doesn't have to work so hard ;).
  6. A friend's got an older GS500, goes plenty fast enough.

    It accelerates a bit faster from 0-100kph than my VTR250 did, and having more power it should easily 'cruise' at 130-140kph. The lil' minimonster (VTR) runs out of puff towards those speeds.

    Like the others have said, "Slow compared to what?". Probably one of the 'faster' learner-legal bikes. Fast enough.
  7. well i have seen theres a few around 2nd hand, and the fairing versions only came out around 05 so they arent that old.

    so i am thinking 2nd hand at a good price may be the way to go and hopefully it keeps its value a bit.

    i think it will be plenty fast enough for a rider thats only done 3yrs on a 50cc skoota!
  8. Lol you seriously think the R1 had the throttle pinned? But I agree the Gs500 would sit much more comfortably on 140 than most 250cc bikes.
  9. well you can get a new 07 model with 2yr warranty for about $7900- ride away...

    or theres a few 2nd hand 05,06 models with under 15,000kms for around $6,000-

    i have read and been told the motors are pretty strong so kms shouldnt be a drama and neither should warranty?

    what do you think?

  10. 15k is nothing for a GS engine though it would be worth trying to work out how well its been treated during that time, and whether it was run in properly, if you plan on keeping it a while. Of course the 2 grand you save would pay for a lot of work, and being out of warranty means you're free to modify.
  11. well i am in luck, theres quite a few too choose from at the moment!

    just hope the bank is nice :D
  12. I'm sorry I have to be the one to tell you, but he never knew you were there! :LOL: My bike won't get anywhere near an R1 on a straight line and the GS500 won't get anywhere near my bike.
    I'm not saying the Suzuki is not fast enough, it's a brilliant bike! Just not as fast as bikes with a larger capacity engine. Specially sports bike. :wink:
  13. well i have the dilemma of buying 2nd hand or spending that bit more to get new!

    If the dealer doesnt include 'dealer delivery' on the price, then stamp duty and rego costs should all be the same?