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2007 Sprint ST

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by K8, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. Yummmmm...


    noice rear as well - this is the 2006 rear


    and not tooo bad from above.


    Note how that seat tapers in at the tank for easy feat on ground stance. These pics look fabulous at full res on my 23" monitor .

    2007 model is available in the UK stores in January and comes in the red in the first pic and ...... woohoo ..... Black.
    Has definetly moved to the top of my upgrade list. Heres hoping Australia gets this . Didn't make it to the stores today. Just wayyyy to nice riding today.
  2. nice looking bike. The 07 windshield doesn't look that much bigger though the bars do look a bit higher.

    The darker 'sunset red' is the one I'd go for. Wish they still made a 1/2 faired version like the RS, but an ST would do me fine :)

    I'd say it's pretty certain we'll see the 07 models here.
  3. I'll take mine in blue, thank you.
  4. I'll have a black one. :grin:
  5. ... the trumpy ST's have been in my possible list since 2001... this one is even nicerer!
  6. This links to a nice BIG picture of the first bike above so you can get a closer look. I've always been black , but , I'm leaning.... It looks very nice in red . I'm trying to imagine whether the Black would show off the lines as well as that red does.

    and the 2006 blue which I think is the same for 2007.

    I'd probably get the black .... but that red ...

    edit- shouldn't have had that turkey , 2nd go at spelling.
    I'm reading around 360kms on a tank but the highbeam is pretty woeful .
  7. Well. Peter Stevens Ringwood had an 07 sprint for like 2 seconds . I went down today to have a look and it was sold.
    More coming next week evidently and they are definetly bringing in the whole new range. Anyhoo , they are giving me a ring when they arrive so I can belt down there and have an up close and personal look.
    My thinking at this stage is to see how the lines hold up in the Black and if not go with the red.
    According to the salesman , $17,200 on road includes the panniers and abs. The screen is a bigger bubble screen, the handlebars are raised up and back , the seat is contoured so short people can reach the ground ( not my problem ) and the fuel injection has been , well , something , I wasn't paying attention at this point eyeing off the harley softail they have there. Red of course means a whole new wardrobe. I cant do anything till I know what colour I'll get. Will have to redesign the tiger angels - thank god the helmet is matt black , the pink motogirl jacket will have to go, have to sell that .
    Is it January yet .... are we there .....
  8. Made of pure 100% unadulterated Unobtanium i'm afraid :cry:
  9. Damn. Does this mean I have another bike to check out?
  10. It'd be on my list, definitely! :)
  11. Well, I got to sit on the new 07 sprint on Tuesday . Really nice . Sounds pretty good for in the shop but I'd add the performance pipes made for it I think , and the heated grips. Of course , the final decision rests on a test ride and I cant do that untill January 3 ( ....waiting.... waiting ) but of all the bikes I have sat on over the last two months , I've got an itch to ride this one. Good weight - 210kgs , brilliant seat height - 805mm , and a riding position that makes this bike just seem to fit . I'll be really keen to find out just how this bike carries its weight when I have a ride.
    The one I sat on was red. Theres no doubt the red colour shows the lines well and if they didn't have black I'd happily get the red. They are getting a black one in next week so I can check it out . I'll be surprised if I dont like the black better , but it depends hey , on the tone and shade of that black a lot.
    So, I'll be really keen to find out just how this bike carries its weight when I have a ride. December is dragging......
  12. I'm hoping to get myself a sprint in the next couple of months. Still deciding whether it's best to wait for the 07 (extras for same price) or try to get a good deal on the 06 model. My only concern is that the handlebar height has been raised on the 07 to give it a more tourie feel.

    Has anyone sat on both models? Any opinions on how the raised bar changes feel of the bike?
  13. Hi Crumpetman

    Lots of good deals on 06 models thats for sure.
    I sat on the 06 sitting side by side to the 07 and Peter Stevens Ringwood . There is for sure a difference in rider stance . It looks to be raised a fair bit and its back further , and this in conjuction with the larger bubble screen and repurposed seat , imo, heads the 07 more to the tourer side of the equation. I think , just sitting there not going anywhere , that there is just that little bit more weight on the wrists, and I'm guessing that would be felt on a long ride. Then again , the 06 isn't that bad on the wrists in any case , not like say an out and out sports.

    I saw a blackbird recently that had fitted taller bars to it { vfr bars ?? } so you could always look into just fitting what you need. I weighed that up for sure. It starts adding up though hey , and before you know it that good deal has just approached the price of the 07.

    Keep in mind also this -
    "second generation Keihin Engine Control Unit, with more sophisticated mapping for quicker starting, cleaner running and better fuel economy."

    Same engine though so its a tough call hey !
    Personally , I think the riding position is sufficiently changed in the 07 to make me want to upgrade the 06 if I had it , and then the price is better on the 07. Not silly these manufacturers are they.
  14. I had a look at the 07 Sprints today at PS. :grin:
    They had all three colours available (and they're all very nice), but I think I'd go for the blue. I'll be buying one just as soon as I'm off restrictions (currently on Ls), have a spare $16000, and figure out a way to stop my wife going apeshit when I spend $16000 on a bike.
  15. Has anyone gone and bought an '07 Sprint, and if so what are your impressions of it?
  16. I took the 07 sprint for a blast on the day it got to 40plus. I think the temp at the time was about 38.
    Very nice ride with LOTS of torque. Easy bike to ride , weight is good - not too top heavy as I thought it might be. Held its line through the twisties with ease. Nice sound as well when you let the throttle go and it backs down.
    Major concern however was the heat generated on the legs. This thing gets really hot . The fairing and frame was *really* hot to the touch.
    I'm taking it out for another ride on the w/e just to check this side of things out when the outside temp is not quite so scorching, but its a major drawback for me at this point. The bike itself though apart from this is terrific. Very comfortable , easy sitting position, good layout on the dash.

    Next bike to tyest is the SV1000s. V twin. Looking forward to having a ride on that.

    Then maybe the buell.....

    Life is good ......
  17. I've done a fair bit of reading about the Sprint and knew they had that heat problem in the 05 but there was some speculation that it was gone in the 06. To hear it may still be around in the 07 is almost distressing.

    Apparently it's a fairly simple heat deflector or something like that which should be installed in the bike under the fairings when it's put together. A few forumites who had it done after buying the bike said it cleared up the problem, but if they're STILL not doing it by default...*sigh*
  18. According to the current edition of Two Wheels, the '07 has revised side panels to reduce the heat directed onto the rider.

    Seems they're not v.effective in extreme temperatures, but maybe they're okay otherwise? The Two Wheels journo who tested the bike didn't have a problem, but did note some heat while stationary in traffic.

    This bike would still be on my shortlist to test if I were looking for a new bike.
  19. The problem is that they have indeed done something about it. Some sort of padding and redirecting under the fairing. Thats what concerns me . That it has been addressed but still is really hot. Like I said , it was a very hot day - not unlike the toy run which saw many a bike overheat, so I'll be checking it out on a better day; but still , I want to take this thing to the NT . It didn't actually overheat mind you. Temperature was fine. You wouldn't want to squid it though . Very hot on the legs. ( not that I would ever :squid: :angel: :-w :---) that wasn't me the other day...... )

    I'm going to have a close look down there on Saturday. Not just the fairing was hot. The frame :shock:
  20. Thanks for the info Gromit. I guess I'll know more on saturday..... unless its another extreme heat day. Just about over those already and summer has barely begun.